XtraLife Lycra®


At Voda Swim we always strive to provide the best quality swimwear for our customers. In addition to using 14K gold plated hardware and natural stones, in 2013 we switched to using XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber in our swimwear. Here are some advantages to purchasing swimwear made with XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber:
- Swimming pool chemicals rapidly deteriorate fibers and fabrics, affecting the longevity of swimwear, but XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber resists chlorine and other pool chemicals 5–10 times longer than unprotected elastane, allowing garments to keep their shape.
- Swimwear made with XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber is very soft to the touch like butter, incredibly comfortable, and unbelievably supportive. It produces a flattering look with long-lasting fit without sacrificing anything in comfort.
- With XTRA LIFE LYCRA® fiber, every woman can enjoy swimsuits with the very best fit, without fear that the beautiful swimwear she loves has lost its shape.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.