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I look gorgeous in my bikinis, thanks Voda Swim!

- Peggy

I was amazed by this bikini when I bought it years ago. I always liked triangle tops but never wanted to wear them because they made me look flat. So disappointing until I found this one! I have another from this year and must buy another one because the prints are just so cute. Thank you!

- Katherine

I have the Envy Push Up® Hoop String top and bottom in black and I love it! It's always great to have a basic black bikini but the added gold hardware gives it a little something extra. Just gorgeous. Great fit. I want to order another but not sure which one!

- Katherine

I love my bikini!!!! It gave me great lift and support but totally natural! Definitely recommend 10/10 :)

- fd

I was hesitant at first to buy a bathing suit online but the reviews had me intrigued so I did. And now I am looking for more colours to buy cause I loved my first one :)

- JD

Love Voda so much! I usually wear 32A which made me look like 32B!!

- kate

I received the Voda double string bikini as an anniversary present from my husband. Absolutely in LOVE with the fit! The top makes your curves look super natural and it's very comfortable at the same time. The scrunchy bottom is also a extremely flattering. I've wanted a Voda bathing suit for a while but I was hesitant because of the price. I'm so happy I received one because now I know it's worth every penny! Can't wait to get one in another color!

- Christina

I have been wearing Voda swimsuits for 4 years and keep coming back for more! I have a collection of many styles and none have disappointed. I am a small 32B (small Voda top) and love how the top not only enhances but is also a classy fit. I am one happy customer! Thanks Voda:)

- Mary

I am really pleased with my voda swim bikinis, I find them both very comfortable and very flattering. For smaller chested women I would say the size small gives you more coverage than xs, however still does a great job at enhancing your cleavage.

- NK

Bought the Wavy String Bikini and loved the style!! The amount of push up is definitely 2 cup sizes, but it isn't "fake" or "cheesy" looking. Very natural looking. Quality of the fabric is high - worn it 5 times already and still looks new!

- Jessica

I cant believe how gorgeous I'm when I wear voda !!! my size is 32a but voda made me look like 32b and looks so naturally, the most important thing is it's really comfortable !!! love voda swim so much!!!

- katie

I love my new swimsuit! I am petite and never felt confident in bikinis until vodka swim!

- Liz

Voda bikinis are the best! I hardly ever wear my other bikinis anymore. They're super flattering and they don't move around or absorb water. :) Just buy it ladies!

- Ale

Friends item received on time with great customer service!

- Annie

LOVED my bathing suit!! Gave me the perfect cleavage and you'd never be able to tell it had a push-up effect! Definitely will be shopping here again! :)

- MK

Very Nice Bikini! Make my honeymoon trip amazing!

- Ley

bought hoop string with grapefruit colour which is very eye-catching for summer!

- ky

I bought the Black Envy Push Up® Ruffle String Top and it is amazing! I am looking forward to my next purchase!

- Li

nice swim

- Ying Shen Kuo

Absolutely love my new Black Double String Bottom. I already have the Double String Bottom in Magenta. They are the perfect amount of skimpy and the cut is super flattering. Will definitely be getting more colours!

- Hannah

My Envy String top was the best purchase after having (and breastfeeding) 2 kids. While the girls can't support themselves anymore, this top gives me enough support and cleavage to feel confident on the beach and at the pool. I look forward to getting a new color this summer!

- Andrea

If you are looking for bikini this summer to be the spotlight, Voda Swim is indeed the prior choice for you! With unique support and beautiful pattern, you will be back again as I am.

- Kristie

If you are looking for bikini this summer to be the spotlight, Voda Swim is indeed the prior choice for you! With unique support and beautiful pattern, you will be back again as I am.

- Kristie

I am a 32A cup and never looked so good in a bikini!! Can't go back to regular bikinis!!!

- Zoe

It does look great on me~ Best bikini I've ever had!!


Very perfect pushed-up effect! Totally look stunning on it! Will get more and more set to look perfectly awesome in bikini! LOVE

- Lim

Bought an Envy Push Up Braid Halter & Hipster. it gives you just the right amount of push up without looking like you're wearing a bra. Everything fits perfect and wow does it do what it claims! Best suit I have ever owned by far.

- Sherlyn

I purchased the classic string bikini and couldn't be happier with it. I am a 32C/34B and the small size fits best. It gives me the perfect lift and is extremely flattering and comfortable. I've tried Victoria's Secret and other brands with underwire and this is so much better. I'll be buying voda exclusively in the future.

- Michelle

Just got my red double string in the mail and it fits better than any triangle top bikini I have ever bought! I am amazed by the support it gives and how natural it looks! Will be buying more!!!

- CMS1023

I bought the Envy Push Up and it is amazing! I'm normally a 32A and this swim suit finally gave me cleavage! I am looking forward to my next purchase!

- J.Lee

I have been wearing Voda since the very beginning... purchased my first one in 2010 and can't go back to regular bikinis!!! I am a 32 b and I wear a size small or xsmall.

- V.Johnson

I have NEVER looked so good in a bikini!! There is literally no other swimsuit brand that is so perfectly designed to flatter and look amazing. All of the other "push up" bikini tops that I've ever tried have really just been heavily padded... not actually designed to have a REAL push up effect like Voda swim bikini tops. I order a new suit in a new color every chance I get - sizing is extremely consistent and overall quality is always amazing. I absolutely LOVE this brand!!!

- AO

I bought my pushup string bikini top a long time ago while I was visiting Philadelphia. It was the best purchase ever because at the time push up bikini was not only super new but if they did, they looked way too obvious. But I'm telling you, voda bikini tops naturally pushes up your boobs so good and people don't even know. Also they last a long time because I bought a black one and I wear it every summer since then and it still looks good. Such a good quality. I love Voda swim, I will buy my bathing suit here as long as this company exists.

- Linda

I absolutely love my Voda swimsuit! I've worn other push-up bathing suits, but none compare to this one. The top is stiff enough to give you lift and it does not feel flimsy like other ones that I have worn. I will definitely be returning to Voda when it comes time to purchase my next bathing suit!

- Natalie

I'm usually a 12B in Australian sizes. The size small for the Voda bikinis fit so well. The padding is really good quality as well as the material of the bikini itself. The push up effect was also really natural looking. Will be back to buy more!

- Jess P

I LOVE VODA SWIM! I ordered the Envy Push Up ® String Bikini in black and this is by far my favorite swim suit ever! I was REALLY hesitant to order a swimsuit online from a brand I have never tried before but the Voda size chart is spot on. I wear a 34C at Victoria's Secret and the size L top fits me perfectly and makes my boobs look AWESOME! I like the Voda Envy Push Up top 10x better than any push up swim suit I have ever tried on. The padding is discreet and comfortable and the adjustable ties are awesome. I am definitely going to order more colors/styles. Thank you, Voda Swim!

- Kendra

Love this bikini! Great cleavage and pattern!

- Anonymous

After reading all the reviews and checking out the suits I was pretty excited to try out a VODA! I have a very small chest 34 A, and I was pretty skeptical but decided to give it try. I am OVER THE MOON. First, the pictures DO NOT do the suits justice. They look and feel VERY high quality, and the Push up top, INCREDIBLE. I have a beautiful, natural cleavage that I've never had even with underwire padded push ups. The structure of the top has been uniquely designed in such a way that it looks completely natural and sexy, not bulky and unnatural like most push up bikinis. Also, there is no underwire and not only is it extremely comfortable but also contributes enormously to the natural look of it. I can't say enough good things about this bikini, it is the best purchase in swimwear Ive ever made. Worth every penny. I'm buying another one right now. lol. Stats: I am 5'2, 108 lbs and got a small in both top and bottom, fits perfect.

- endlesshighways

My first bikini top! I've never bought a bikini because they seemed to make small chested women appear even smaller. Voda Swim's bikini was so great in holding up ! Must buy!

- J.L

Ordering a bikini without trying it on is incredibly scary, that being said their sizing chart is spot on! I bought my first bikini online and before it even arrived I ordered my second. It is such a hassle to go to a store and try on a million swimsuits only to feel horrible about yourself. Voda swim is incredible and I will only purchase my swimwear from Voda here on out. I ordered one for my mother and she is overjoyed by it. I plan on purchasing many many more. Well done Voda, A+ on the craftsmanship! I feel amazing and uplifted when I put one of my voda bikinis on. Thank you for the self confidence!

- ashley g

I love my swimsuit from Voda! I was very skeptical of the whole thing before I bought it, but now it's the only thing I wear.

- Kimberly

Voda swim is amazing! I am so lucky that the first bikini I owned is from Voda swim. It makes me feel more confident and beautiful. Small breast girls are rescued by this such functional, novel and thoughtful design.

- I-Ting

my third purchase absolutely love your bikinis

- Roxanne

No other bikini is as comfortable and as flattering as voda swim. As a result I am a many time repeat customer and have not found any other bikini brand to be as amazing! The quality is like no other as well, my first ever voda swim bikini bought 3-4 years ago is still good as new.

- AC

Awesome fit, both top and bottom. Will definitely be purchasing another, my favourite bikini so far!

- Nicole

Voda swim is the best brand that I ever bought. Its design and performance are really great.

- Good

Absolutely in love! Being a 5'1, 32A and 90lbs petite girl, it isn't easy to find a perfect bikini.

- Erica

Absolutely in love! Being a 5'1, 32B and 92lbs petite girl, it isn't easy to find a perfect bikini. I've tried many different brands but wasn't happy with any of them. I got XS in black for both top and bottom and they fit like magic. It shows a nice cleavage without looking like you have a push up top on. I'm so obsessed with it that I'm thinking of ordering another one in neon pink and sunrise. Did I mention how fast the shipment was? It only took 2 days! I can't wait to wear them all in Hawaii next month!

- Lainey

I am beyond excited to rock these suits! I will not shop anywhere else.

- Julie

I didn't go to the beach for 15 years until I discovered VodaSwim's Push Up Bikinis!! I always felt too unendowed to expose myself in public in such a skimpy outfit like a bikini, so I simply stopped going. But since a friend introduced me to VodaSwim, I can now go every summer to the  beaches and on vacations too!

- Julie M.

I LOVE this swim suit. It looks amazing and I feel great in it. The color (Caribbean) is beautiful and the quality is great. I wear an A cup and I have never had cleavage - until now! This is my second bathing suit from Voda, definitely the place to buy a good quality suit that lasts.

- Cara

Received my bikini and it is absolutely amazing - love the added fullness it gives to my figure!

- Leah

I will forever be a Voda swim customer. Great products and great customer service. Thank you Voda!

- Love Voda!

Being small chested I have always had problems finding a bikini that fit me properly, let alone one I actually felt comfortable wearing out in public. To be honest when I ordered the bikinis from Voda I thought I was going to be just another gimmick. These bikinis are AMAZING. I haven't shut up about them and have already placed another order. I wear a 10A bra and these bathers actually make me look like I have a bust without looking fake and just all padding. I am totally obsessed and you will be too. If you have a small bust and hate wearing bikinis, I can't recommend Voda Swimwear enough.

- laura

Since trying my first bathing suit from Voda Swim last year, I had to order anther one this summer! The Brazilian cut bottoms are the best! And the top is the perfect push up! Thank you Voda Swim!

- LD

I recently recieved my swim wear from Voda Swim. I was expecting a great product but after putting my suit on I was blown away with the results. I am an A cup and swim suits have always made me feel very self conscious when comparing my breast size to other women. This swim suit works wonders it gave me cleavage I never knew existed without making it look forced. I will without a doubt be purchashing this brand for a lifetime! Thank you so much for making a wonderful product for women with a smaller bust!

- Cassi

I came across Voda Swim a few years ago online and I wish I would have purchased it sooner! I am in love! The material is amazing and the fit is great! So comfortable.. Thank you Voda Swim!

- Andrea

I bought my voda swimsuit several years ago. I wear it all the time and it still looks brand new. No other bikini compares! I won’t shop for bathing suits anywhere else!

- HS

I found out about Voda Swim through a girlfriend and loved my first purchase and never thought it would do such magic for me!! After a few weeks, I bought another one from Voda Swim! Voda Swim is officially my IT when it comes to bikini!!!

- LL

I love my voda swim bikini! I received one as a gift and it fits me like a glove with a bit of a lift. It has been difficult finding triangle swimsuits that look good on someone like me with small breasts, but the pushup Voda bikinis do the job really well. Will buy more for myself!

- Angie

My sister introduced me to Voda Swim and I have just purchased my first Voda Swim Envy Push Up and so happy with it. After years of searching for a flattering style for my small bust at last I have found. Quality fabric and great design. Super fast free postage to Australia and great customer service. I highly recommend and will be purchasing more. Thanks Voda Swim!

- LO

I am in love with my Voda Swim Envy Push Up Double String Bikini. They look really nice. I got alot of people saying it looks really nice on me. I am totally going to purchase another pair. Thanks

- Julie Y

I purchased my first Voda Swim bathing suit almost 3 years ago now and it is still my go to bikini every time. It lasts and stays in amazing shape. It took me forever to find a bathing suit that made me feel confident with my small chest (32B). I dreaded bathing suit season every year until Voda Swim and now I cant wait to whip out my Voda bikinis and go to the beach. I'll never buy a bathing suit from a different brand!

- Magdalene

I never thought I could wear a bikini because my breasts are fairly small and I hated it how my top would look when I laid on the beach. Voda Swimwear has given me such a boost of confidence in the way I look and feel. I'm never buying any other brand!!

- Jen P

I am 5'11 inches tall, and skinny/fit, about 130lbs, while I feel very confident with my figure in clothing, bathingsuits have always left me uncomfortable. I have 32b breast that always look flat in a bathing-suit. Every summer I would purchase a push up bikini with extreme padding, which often landed me in uncomfortable situations. I first heard about Voda Swim about three years ago, but because of my skepticism I passed on purchasing a bikini from this site, natural push-up from a string bikini sounded too good to be true. Now, after purchasing the bikini and receiving it within 24hours I now know that all the rave about Voda Swim is true. I feel so confident in the bikini, my breasts look natural and I have a cleavage, which has never happend in a string bikini before. I wish I would have ordered sooner, it would have saved me a lot of money!

- R A

I stumbled upon Voda Swim and decided to buy a set on sale. I"ve never liked being in a bikini, as I was self-conscious about my small bust. I loved the string bikini set so much, it really gives me a boost of confidence at the pool, day clubs, and beach--which my friends and I all frequent often since we're in our twenties. The top gives me the perfect shape and the ruched back bottom is the cutest!!!

- Gloria

My sister first told me about Voda Swim... I have never before had a bikini that was so flattering for small chested women!

- JI

I just purchased my second Voda Swim bikini top - obviously I love this line. I bought my first one nearly 4 years ago and its still in perfect condition. I love how I feel in this bikini!

- Bianca

Finally. A push up that fits, that works, is high quality AND is cute. After searching high and low, and ordering/trying this one, I highly recommend Voda swimsuits.

- Reagan

This will be my third Voda Swim purchase. Nothing can compare to Voda's quality, comfort, and fit! These are by far the most flattering swim suits I've ever worn. I'm a 34B and purchased a medium top and it fits perfectly. I receive compliments every time I wear them. I can't wait to order another one!

- Heather

I just recieved my double string bikini and I love it so much! is The swimsuit barely soaks up any water and retains its shape. I cannot wait to purchase more in different styles.

- Rebekkah

I've never been confident in a bikini but now I own a few and I keep coming back for more! I live in Hawaii and I've always turned down every invitation to go to the beach with my friends. Voda makes me feel sexy and fearless enough to strut around on the beach and I have even taken on swimming lessons! Voda has done much more than make me feel secure about my body. It has literally changed my life.

- xo

I love my new bikini! I'm a very small busted girl and it makes me so happy that I can actually wear a bikini without feeling like a pre-teen! Thank you voda swim!

- JL

Absolutely in love with my Voda Swim envy bikini set! Best fit I have ever had in a bikini top and bottom! Will definitely be back!

- Eleanor

I received a voda swim bikini as a gift for my birthday!! I am so in love with it!! I am a B cup and it boosted me to a full C cup!! Can't wait to add more to my collection!! All the designs are gorgeous!! Very Happy

- Nancy

I just received my first Voda Envy set and it is the most amazing swimwear. Fits perfectly and the push up top looks phenomenal.

- Sarah

The ruched swim shirt is so versatile and very cute. I have always looked for something with a little more coverage in a bikini bottom and this is great for running after the kids at the water park.

- Gwen M

I bought 2 pairs of bikinis at Voda Swim and I absolutely love them. The push-up effect is better than what I expected and is more natural then what other brands, such as VS, can offer. I've tried the bombshell series from VS, and it looks way too much like a bra. Overall, I'll rate a 10 out of 10. Amazing product, great shopping experience, you won't regret it.

- Alma

My go-to-swimsuit now. The fit, the style and appearance are all on point. Only good things to say

- Shirley

When I discovered Voda Swim I was a skeptic at first, I worried that most of the effect might be photo shopped or painted on, and I have had only negative experiences with other push-up bikini tops in the past because they always looked kind of like a bra, made my cleavage look fake and never fitted quite right. Nevertheless I ordered an Envy Push Up top to try it out - and it was WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. I was amazed! I have a pretty flat chest and voda swim makes my breasts look full, feminine and most important NATURAL. The top fits nice and tight. I can't wait for summer, and there's no way I'm EVER wearing ANYTHING ELSE again :D

- Joanna

Voda has found a life long customer! I fell in love the second I put on my bikini. It gave me amazing cleavage and support that no other swim top has ever given me. On top of that, it looks natural because of no underwire! I was always self conscious because i looked flat, but now I can go to the beach in confidence :)

- LeAnn

I must admit that living in the UK I was dubious about buying a product from the US due to distance, time for delivery and whether or not I would like the product. Well, I am so glad I decided to buy. I am absolutely delighted with my bikini, in fact I am about to order a couple more. It looks fabulous on and really, really works for me giving me a nice shape and cleavage without looking ridiculous like some other enhancing swimwear does. I was also delighted the fact I received my order in just over a week!! I had expected to wait for around 4-5 weeks ror delivery but was so pleased and surprised when the postman knocked on my door a week and a day after I sent my order. I can't wait to go on holiday now as I feel so confident wearing this bikini. Hopefully the others I order will arrive before I go, then I'm all sorted. Thanks Voda Swim, you're the best. Just hope to see you in the UK some time.

- Nicki

Love! Love! Love Voda Swim. I didn't know I could look this great after 4 kids. Thank you. I will never shop anywhere else

- Pam

I have had the Bandeau top in Black for the past 3 years. It still looks brand new! Barely any fading. So worth the investment. These are high quality molded cups. You absolutely cannot tell its padded. I love it. No underwires bulky look! Im going to try my first ever traingle top since Im an A cup. Hoping these triangle tops can give me a push! Love the Bandeau I have awesome cleavage and the pads blend beautifully and look so natural. I will never wear another top.....Im so confident in my bathing suit :). Wish I knew about these sooner. Hope the Traingle top is just as pleasing!

- Amanda

Voda swim is a miracle!! For years I've been spending hundreds of dollars on other brand push up bathing suits, only to be disappointed when wearing them out to the beach or pool. From the moment i put on the Voda push up top, I was in love. I wear a size 32A in bras, and am petite in build; the voda push up top actually gives me cleavage! which i thought would never be possible in a bathing suit. it looks like a regular string bikini, which is my favorite part. I absolutely love it,and will be purchasing more bathing suits in different colors! Definitely worth the price, i promise you won't be disappointed! I am finally looking forward to spending time in my bathing suit this summer. Thank you Voda Swim!!!

- Lina

I am ridiculously flat-chested, and could never find a swimsuit that actually fit... until now! The padding actually looks natural, and there's none of that dreaded gap at the top of the cup where I don't fill it out. It actually sits flush with the skin! I can also tell that the material is super-high quality. And the customer service is awesome and really friendly- they'll help you with everything from ordering/returning logistics to picking out the right style/color for your body type/skin tone. I know it's expensive, but it's so worth it to finally know what it's like to not feel self-conscious in a swimsuit!

- Sarah

I love how Voda swimwear makes me feel more confident in a swimsuit. Thank you for making such a good quality product!

- Heather

I LOVE LOVE Voda swim. It actually works. I was skeptical of purchasing it thinking what could be the difference between this one and all of the other push up bikinis? I would try every brand and every style trying to make my barley 34A chest look decent so i wasn't embarrassed any longer. I am only 24 and 5'1, I am told all the time that I look 14. This bathing suit helped give me confidence, I took before and after pictures and the difference is crazy! It gave my chest a nice lift and enough "oomph" to make me feel good! I would recommend this bathing suit to anyone! I am actually going to buy two more right now for my vacation to Florida in two months.. Thank you Voda Swim :)

- Brittany

I got introduced by a friend and am officially hooked. I have tried many high end brand names but it always made the top area look unnatural. I love how Voda gives me the illusion of a bigger chest while looking completely natural. I can't wait to let everyone I know about this line.

- Candy

Three words "I Love It"!!! Voda Swim are the BEST swim suit invented ever!!! I will never buy anything else. So worth every penny!!!

- LC

I purchased my first Voda bathing suit over two years ago and I would never buy any other suit besides it! I have a very petite torso and I used to feel very self-conscious in regular bathing suit tops, even ones that were padded or had underwire- they never made me feel sexy. When I came across Voda Swim I decided to give it a try. At first I was a little hesitant, and figured there was no hope of having any cleavage in a bathing suit... But when I got the package in the mail and tried it on I was AMAZED!! I have NEVER felt so confident in a bathing suit until I discovered Voda. I was so excited to wear it around and show off my confidence, and to this day whenever I buy a new suit from Voda I still get that little rush of excitement. The suits are affordable, cute & sexy. (P.S I wear a 34A and I wear the small size suits)

- Taylor

I was given a Voda Swimsuit at the World Championships of Performing Arts in 2013. I have always been very small breasted however I felt like a million dollars in my swimsuit. I automatically looked like my chest had grown and still to this day wear my swimsuit for competing. I would like to thank you very much for making me feel like a woman again. Every time I put my swimsuit on I smile from ear to ear.

- DeeSmith

INCREDIBLE! I will literally never buy a swimsuit from anywhere else ever again. I've never actually measured my bust because I always just buy the smallest bra size available, AKA I was very skeptical about a swimsuit capable of making me look good even after reading other testimonials. I've ALWAYS felt self conscious/ un-sexy in swimsuits. I now want to go swimming all the time and feel that so many opportunities have opened up to me. Boating, going to the lake, hot tubbing, wearing a swimsuit around attractive guys... I'm down! As others have said, your chest will look great and NATURAL! I could go on and on, but I'll stop here. Thanks for making me confident, Voda Swim!

- Kelly M

In LOVE with my bathing suit! I'd been searching around for a while for a bathing suit with good material that fit well and I couldn't be happier! I'm always nervous buying bathing suits online especially being small chested and the bathing suit fits perfectly and looks amazing! Definitely making a second purchase :)

- Rebecca

First Voda swim suit I bought I loved!! The top not only fits great and gives just the right amount of push up without looking fake, but the bottoms are amazing too, no saggy bottom. I have bought 4 suits and am about to purchase my fifth- will never buy another brand again! amazing product

- Andrea

Whereas most women hit the gym in excitement and preparation for bikini season, I always dreaded it. No matter how much I worked out, it would not make up for the lack of 'assets' up top - being only a 32aa/32a destroyed my confidence, and I had given up on finding bikinis that wouldn't make me look as flat as a board. I've tried almost every push up bikini under the sun, but it didn't help as I had NOTHING to push up. At the same time, I had an unflattering gap between the bikini top and my breasts, the padding would become waterlogged in the pool, and most push-up bikinis looked obvious or bra-like. I bought the envy push up top as a last desperate attempt, and I was BLOWN AWAY. Suddenly I had a little bit of cleavage! I've never felt confident in a swimsuit before now. The best thing is - there's no underwire and almost no padding, so how is it possible? I don't question how it works, I'm just happy it does. Thank you so much!!! Tip: Adjust/tighten the straps and 'scoop' your girls into the bikini! Trust me.

- Jennifer

I ordered my first Voda Swimsuit for my spring break trip and I seriously could not be happier with it! The fit is perfect, did not fade after washing and the free (and quick) shipping was a plus too! Totally worth the price.

- Alannah

I ordered two bikinis from Voda because I could not decide which was better - and I thought I would take advantage of the free shipping/return. I ended up keeping them both because they looked amazing - very flattering fit - I got a lot of attention at the beach!! Bennette

- Bennette

A while ago I ordered a bikini from your website and I just wanted to let you know I'm super happy with it! It fits perfectly and I think it has the perfect balance between push-up and comfort. In the past I'd either wear push-up bikini's from other brands (but they looked more like bra's and you could easily tell it had padding in it) or bikini's without padding that made me look flat chested... So I wanted to say thank you for finally making me look forward to bikini season instead of having to feel self-conscious by only thinking about it haha. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future!

- Bobbi

Beautiful bikinis! They look so natural like regular triangle top bathing suits. Been looking for this for years!

- Jane

This is the second bikini that i have bought from here, I couldn't be happier! Voda is my go-to choice! I will never buy another brand again! Thanks voda!

- Ashley G

I cannot buy enough colors in the tankini tops- they are amazing! They slim, they flatter, they are comfortable, and give natural looking cleavage. So much better and more natural looking than tankini tops with removable pads- those always scrunch up weird and look horrible and feel annoying! Not these! I wear these surfing along with board shorts- and feel comfortable and sexy! They are also a perfect length- cover everythig without being oddly long like others ive tried in the past. Nice work voda!! I will not waste time with other tankini tops again!

- Krista

I absolutely love Voda Swimwear! It's the only swimwear in my closet at this point, and I honestly don't think ill ever find anything else that looks as good as this brand does! Not only are these pieces affordable, but the quality of the bikinis are honestly amazing. I could not be happier with my purchases and will continue to be a loyal customer to Voda!

- Taylor

Like many others i have been searching for a bikini that would accent my features, once in a while you run across a swimming suit that you fall in love with. Until recently i've been the type to purchase about 10 bikinis each summer in hopes of replacing my faded favorite. I saw the classic string bikini which in other shops have just flattened what i have and i fell in LOVE with the colors! I ordered according to the size chart, which i feel is very accurate, and before i could get the first one in the mail i ordered a second one! I received the first one that i ordered today! I ordered it 3 days ago! insanely fast shipping. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Voda. This will be the only swimsuit that i buy from here on out!THANKS VODA FOR THE BOOST OF CONFIDENCE! P.s If you're concerned about the price IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

- Ashley G

I cannot explain how happy I am that I discovered voda swim. I absolutely love the bikinis because for the first time I actually LOOK and FEEL like a woman! I feel so much more confident with my body, and I am very happy with my purchase. Throwing out my old bikinis! Thank you voda swim. Much love x

- Ally Rose

I purchased the hoop string and sports illustrated double string and wow! Bottoms are adjustable and what a great lift on the bust.

- ID

I am a very petite gal with small chest. It is very hard to find a bikini that has the enough padding for small chest. I have bought other bikinis such as [comapny name removed] and all it does is leaves a gap between my chest and the bikini. But with Voda swim it really gives you bigger chest size and there is no gap! It does very well in the water too. No adjusting when coming out of water. Just wish they had more colors and brighter patterns for their tankinis. I am a Voda swim buyer for life. Thanks Voda.

- Petite Gal

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for your amazing customer service! I don't normally order items online but you have made me 100% comfortable in doing so. Will definitely be ordering again!

- Rebecca

Dustin @ Customer Service was so helpful with my order! I am a new customer and I really appreciate being able to talk to Dustin and I am grateful for his help. Thank you! -Anna K.

- Anna

I ordered Wood Bead bikini few months ago and could not be happier with the purchase. Being small-chested it's always been a nightmare finding a swimsuit, but not anymore. I don't think I'll every shop for swim wear anywhere else. They are a perfect fit and the quality is superb as well.

- Sandra K

I will never buy another brand of swimsuit again!! I bought the string bikini suit for a trip to Mexico last spring. I'm 22 and have never worn a suit that is as flattering and comfortable as Voda! You will not regret your purchase. Trust me!

- Dianna

Wow. I had very high hopes after reading all of the testimonials and seeing interview/showcase videos on the internet. I have to say, the Voda bikini I ordered did not disappoint. I've been eagerly awaiting a chance to hit any body of water so that I can wear them put them to use because for the first time in my life I feel completely comfortable wearing a bikini. As a petite woman with a smaller bust, it's been impossible to find bikinis I feel good in. The Voda not only looks great, but feels very well made in material compared to other bikinis I've bought (even brand named ones). I love the simplicity of the designs, and although my first choice in color+style wasn't in stock, I'm extremely happy with the one I got. The color is vivid and both the top and bottom fit like it was custom made. I really can't wait to wear this out.

- Diana

Once again happy customer from Australia. Thank you Voda! This is my third purchase of Voda Swimwear and I couldn't be happier. I received my Charcoal Envy Push Up in Natural Black Agate Halter Top with matching bottoms and its a beautiful piece. The service I receive from Voda is always exceptional!

- Dalwin

I bought my first voda swim last summer, and I absolutely fell in love with it! I am very flat chested,and voda pushup makes my figure look a lot better! I Also had some ordering problem, and customer service was awesome. I purchased another top when it hit the sale. I will only buy my swimwears from Voda!

- Cecilia

I have purchased many swimsuits online from many different companies and I recently decided to give Voda Swim a try. I have to say that I have never had such a good experience in any of my online purchasing as my experience with Voda. First, I had many questions about the swimsuit I was looking into. Dustin (customer service) was very polite and helpful. I received all of my email replies from him in a very timely manner. Second, I ordered my swimsuit in multiple sizes just because I like to be sure of my fit. This was so easy and because Voda has free return shipping so I could purchase as many styles and sizes as I wanted with no worries about return costs to me. I simply kept all of the tags on and the liners in. As soon as I picked my size and style, I printed out the return label and shipped the rest back. VERY EASY. I received my credit on both my returns without and delays or issues whatsoever! Last, I LOVE my bikini. It is comfortable and the bikini top does it's job! I have great support and it looks fabulous. I am very happy with the quality and most importantly with the results I got! Voda is true to their word!

- Jessica

This was my first purchase from Voda and I am seriously buying my swimsuits from here from now on. Nothing else compares to how this swimsuit looks on my body!(I got the Hoop String Bikini) I love that there are so many different styles and colors to choose from, and many are on sale. The free shipping and free returns is what made me try one without hesitation. I had to return the first order I placed because I ended up needing a different size, but the return process was SO easy and fast. I placed an order for the right size and the shipping was very quick as well. Moreover, I liked the prompt responses from customer service after emailing with some questions. I am just so pleased with Voda and I strongly recommend it to those who who want an amazing natural looking lift. PLUS this suit does not sag when wet. Try it! It will be worth it! And if not, return it for free.

- kb

Just received two bikinis, the Ocean string and the Floral scrunch string bikini, and I'm so happy! They fit SO well. I was very dubious about ordering from an online site (especially to Aus), as I had never heard of Voda Swim before, but if you're considering it - do it. They're totally worth it, and arrived within a week. Great quality swimwear & such an array of choices..I genuinely don't think I'll be ordering from anywhere else, I love the fit of them. I can't understand why you're not more popular here.. you'd fit right in with the Aussie swimmers we have in stores.

- Bea

From Australia, I received my Caribbean double string top and adjustable swim skirt today! This is my second pair of Voda swimwear and I couldn't be happier. The top fitting is just perfect. Free shipping is an added bonus and the customer service is top notch. And I received my package just within 7 days. This is the fastest delivery I've ever received for an international order without any hassle. Thank you Voda, I am looking forward to making more purchases from you in furture.

- Dalwin

Love Voda Swim SO SO much! The swimsuit I ordered was so flattering and made me feel so confident :) Thanks, Voda Swim!

- April

I was sceptical about gaining some cleavage from wearing Voda Swim, but I'm now convinced. I ordered from Australia and my order arrived within three weeks. It's a beautiful pair of bikinis; the best I've had. And I'm the kind who would live in bikinis if I could, so I have had quite a few of them. I love it so much, I'm thinking of ordering a second pair. Of course, I'll be telling my breast-challenged female friends and family members.

- Jo

The Envy Push up bikini is honestly revolutional, I will never buy another bikini again. It boosted my confidence and I actually look forward to enjoying days at the pool and beach, instead of wanting to hide behind cover ups and big t-shirts.

- Emily

I purchased the double string bikini set in charcoal and couldn't be happier with the products! I\'m very small on top and it gave the best push up from a bikini I've encountered without underwires!

- Fiona C

Being a small chested women I've always had trouble feeling confident in a bathing suit. Thanks to voda swim, not only does it make me look better, but feel more confident as well. The customer service is also top notch!

- Melissa M

I was skeptical about any swimwear that claimed to add 2 cup sizes. I've tried other brands and they were terrible. They retained a lot of water and the occasional nip slip was more than occasional. Voda swim truly is amazing. I will no longer buy another swimsuit anywhere else!! I recommend this to anyone who is part of the ittybitty community or anyone who needs an extra lift :)

- Dolly L

I dread bikini shopping! I am VERY self conscious of my small chest. When I tried on my new voda swimsuit I absolutely fell in love. the fit is amazing and so flattering. I bought three, I couldn't help it! I felt amazing and so confident!! I can't wait to have some fun in the sun!!!!

- Chanelle V

Being a small chested women I've always had trouble feeling confident in a bathing suit. Thanks to voda swim, not only does it make me look better, but feel more confident as well. The customer service is also top notch!

- MM

I am going to keep it short and sweet... I LOVE my swim suit, Love the free shipping and GREAT customer service!

- Danielle W.

I bought my swimming suit more than 2 years ago. It still looks like new which is amazing since I live in Florida and I use it a lot. Normally my swimming suit last about half a year. It looks great and I am ready to buy another one from Vodaswim.

- Michaela M.

This is my third year wearing Voda Swim and I can't imagine wearing anything else!  I love, love love it!

- Nicole N.

I am in love with Voda Swim! Last summer was the first time I wore a bikini since loosing 50lbs and I am so glad I stepped out in a Voda Bikini. The fit is amazing. I have never had a bathing suit top (38C/xl) fit as well as theirs did. The top lifted my breasts and pushed them in just like my bras do. My boobs have never looked so good poolside. The bottoms (xl) fit nicely as well. My last "problem area" was covered making me feel sexy and secure. I look forward to a new suit this season and mixing and matching(an added benefit since their styles and patterns are timeless). Thank you Voda for making poolside and sunbathing fun and sexy, giving me an extra boost of confidence every woman deserves.

- Tasha A

This is my 4th order with Voda Swim...they have really good push up...love that they have more designs now:D I'll support you guys all the time!!!

- Carrie M.

So in love with your bathing suits! After years of settling for suits that made me feel self conscious I finally found Voda...don't think I can ever go back to a regular suit :)

- Samantha D

I just wanted to thank you for making seriously the world's best bikini!  I brought all of them with me on my recent trip to Hawaii and was able to capture an awesome moment wearing your bikini, by my friend who is a photographer.  Everyone has been asking me about my bikini! Hope to be sending more business your way! Thanks again!

- Dena R.

I have recently bought a Voda Swim Envy Push Up® bikini.
I am large chested at 32F, but I have a very slim figure at 5'11 and 120Ibs.
I ordered an XL top and an S bottom.
All I can say is thank you - I'm never buying another brand again.
I don't need the push up as such, but good support. And all bikinis from other brands sold at that chest size look like hideous grandma bras designed to cover up and hide. Horrible!

But Voda Swim is totally different. My boobs look absolutely amazing, the top and the bottom fit perfectly (your fitting guide is spot on!)
I'm so grateful I have discovered your website. The delivery was super quick. Great quality, and super amazing bikinis. I can't wait to buy them in more colours and styles.
Thank you again, you are simply amazing! You have won a loyal customer and I will direct all my friends in your direction!

Happy customer

- Martha K.

All I have to say is GREAT customer service! I am HIGHLY pleased and surprised at how well your staff handled my issue! I am definitely a customer for life now! Thank you so much!

- Natalie V.

I received one of your bikinis through my sister as a gift because as she said "these bikinis are so amazing you'll never want to wear anything else!" I have to say that she was soooo right!!!! I loooove my bikini!! It is really perfect....the fit is amazing and the quality is fantastic! I'm from Australia so I practically live at the beach.....and I know bikinis :-)......And the Voda Swim Bikini is really the best!!.....now I need to get rid of all my other bikinis as they look terrible in comparison.....I'm hooked!

- Sandra P.

3 months ago I bought my Hoop string bikini set in your essence print. I bought it with the hope that by summer I would have lost my pregnancy weight and would be able to show off my fitter body. It took around 3 weeks to be delivered to Australia, which I thought was great. What's even better is I have lost that baby weight and am now the lightest I have been in 5 years. I may be a bit bias but I think I look great in my bikini. As for the push up envy side of things I have never really had a cleavage to speak of but these swimmers help me show off what I do have! I have already recommended voda swimwear to several friends. I can't wait to by my next pair, I already have the style picked out!!

- Jennie S.

I received one of your bikinis as a gift a few months ago and I am so impressed that I'm desperate to purchase more. I'm quite small up top and I usually feel very self conscious in a swimming costume.... if it doesn't have padding I look too flat, and with padding I look ridiculous because it looks so obviously fake. My Voda bikini is just perfect. The quality is fantastic too. Thank you so much!

- Elisa

I just wanted to thank you for the bikini and I'm very happy with my purchase.  I have been forever searching for a bikini that fits a thin and small framed girl, and no bikini ever looks decent on me since I am pretty flat-chested and bikinis usually make my breasts look non-existent.  I have since avoided going to beaches and pools because I would be very self-conscious of myself.  I fell in love with the Voda [Swim] bikini the moment I tried it on because it made my breasts look fuller and I actually had a little bit of cleavage!  Thank you for creating these wonderful bikinis and for boosting my confidence in them!  I will continue to purchase in the future. 

- C.M.

I recently ordered the tankini from Voda Swim (after being referred by a friend) and it is the best bathing suit purchase I have ever made!  The quality and fit of this bathing suit is perfect.  I will continue to purchase my swimsuits from Voda Swim.  I placed my order over the phone.  The rep who assisted me was wonderful.  He helped with sizing and was extremely friendly.  Love this company.

- Valerie M.

I LOVE my new envy push-up bikini!  It is the most flattering suit I've ever found.  It gives even the smallest bust a little lift without being obvious or over-the-top.  Thanks Voda!

- Lindsey Z.

This weekend was the first weekend I wore my new Voda swimsuit and I loved it. I am a 34A and I've tried a ton of swimsuits to enhance cleavage without looking ridiculous and this is it. I tried a million different styles from the big name [brand name removed] and although sometimes they work they make you look fake and just add a lot of padding. The Voda Swimsuits enhance things without looking over the top which is exactly what I wanted. I wore the suit all weekend and the first thing I did when I got home was order a second one. I can't wait to have another Voda in my swim rotation. The only bad thing about Voda is that all my other swim suits (that I spent a lot of money on) are going to be collecting dust in my closet.

- Stephanie T.

Voda suits are a "must  have" for any beach goer looking for a sexy and comfortable bikini that will fit like a gem and make you feel beautiful. Thank you so much for not only creating and selling these wonderful tops but also having and supplying great customer service.

- Sara K.

Thank you! For making a bikini for small chested women! This will be the first summer I feel confident wearing a bikini. It's an amazing feeling not having to worry about what my suit looks like after I get out of the water - no shifting! I would buy more if I could but expect to get another order from me next summer! I will tell everyone about this amazing suit!

- Dina B.

Just wanted to say that I got the voda swimsuit today and I am so happy!! The size was perfect since I was concerned it would not fit, the bottom and top are absolutely amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for shipping it so fast, I will be sure that I will buy another one!!

- Liran

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my first swimsuit from Voda. I am young, in high school, and very insecure about wearing a swimsuit around others because of my tiny size. I researched a ton and read many reviews of push-up swimsuits and found that Voda had the most positive notes. I ordered one and I am in love with it! It's fun even for my age (I honestly think it's perfect for any age) and I'm trying to get my mom to order one too! She even said I can order another one next year. I've recommended Voda for my other friends because I really think you guys are the best. I am seriously going to wear this swimsuit everyday. Thank you so so SO much!

- Monica P.

These bathing suits are an absolute miracle!  I swear I've tried every swimsuit under the sun, and these make your "girls" look fantastic!  I got so many compliments at a pool party I recently went to, but kept the secret to myself.  The suits are well made, have great details...and most importantly, enhance your breasts without looking fake or padded.  It's amazing how much a lightweight suit can change your appearance. 

- D. W. Houston, TX

I have always struggled with bathing suit shopping for the simple fact that I have a small chest. Most suits leave me looking very flat and it just doesnt look good. I ordered my first Voda suit and was skeptical that it would actually make a difference, but it did! This suit was fantastic! The way it made me feel when I put in on and had some shape on top, even gave me the courage to wear the brazilian bottom on my vacation to Hawaii! I love Voda Swim!

- Brittany

I am a 26 years old woman. I have small busts (32A). It is uncomfortable to go to beaches because of that. Voda swim is a great push up bikini. It is not too obvious but it provides great support and makes me feel firm. Plus the bikini I bought is pretty.Now I have to say I love beaches.

- Anita

Wow! I hate bikinis because they never fit (or look good) - I'm small all over, but I thought I'd try voda swim after reading the reviews. My bikini fits! I don't look ridiculous and unnatural - but I have shape!! I'm going to be comfortable sitting on the beach this year, thank you so much!

- Kate, UK

I just received my black string bikini only 5 days after I placed my order. I love it! I actually look like I have some curves. I'm about to order 2 more styles. I'm 5'2" 113 lbs and wear a 34a. The size small top and bottom fit great.

- Aya

I have always had difficulty finding a swimsuit that did not gape when I bent down or moved my arms to the side. However, when my friend lent me her VODA bikini top, I had no problems with gaping. I could roll around on my towel at the beach and not worry about strategically adjusting my top. AMAZING!! Plus, the best part is that the extra push up actually looks natural

- K C

I came across this website on Google when I searched push up bikini after unsuccessfully trying on bikinis in malls and ordering them online. I'm only 5'3 and although I am glad to have a narrow waist, I am only a 33A. This bikini makes my flat chest look like I'm a B cup. I love it because it gives me amazing cleavage. I feel confident when I wear this and I must say I love Voda swim! And I am planning on getting the ruffle bikini and ruched lace bikini! Thanks Voda!

- Pearl C.

I've struggled for years trying to find a flattering bikini top for a 32/34 A bust line. Bandeaus flatten like a pancake, I can't fill out a good triangle without padding and the padding never looks natural. I just ordered your Envy Bandeau and I'm SO excited to report that I look downright BUSTY. ha! I am going on my honeymoon next month and I want to come back for 2 other colors so i can have a full wardrobe of flattering suits for the trip. Thank you again. I don't know what the secret is, but please keep creating new styles every year so i can keep ordering more.

- Christina H.

As a small-chested girl, it's always been very difficult for me to find a great-fitting bathing suit top but I have finally found it at Voda Swim. It enhances without being over-the-top, and the sizing is spot on for both the top and bottom. I recently went on a week-long vacation - I wore this bikini almost every day even though I had brought 3 others. Hoping it lasts me a lifetime!

- Melissa

I am now in my late twenties, and I have yet to wear a bikini on the beach... I have been small chested all my life, and have never been comfortable wearing swimwear. I am so happy that I stumbled upon Voda. I recently purchased a string bikini from Voda, and I instantly look so much more curvy (AND NATURAL too). I cannot wait to go to the beach now!

- EL

Thank you so much for addressing an issue that has been a problem for so many women! I have always dreaded swimsuit shopping. I'm a slim person and also a small A-cup. Trying to find a bikini top that nicely accentuates my über slender portions has led me to tears on multiple occasions. It made me feel like I was lacking something. I have tried shopping online at a big name underwear/swimwear retailer who seems to only provide pushup enhancement for women who are already endowed and that did not work for me. It actually made me look smaller, so I sent everything back to them. Receiving my Voda Envy Pushup Swimwear in the mail and trying it on was such a great moment for me, because it made me feel confident. Since my husband and I are outdoor enthusiasts, I needed something flattering, pretty, and functional that didn’t seem too skimpy, like it could fall off or shift while snorkeling or hiking to a waterfall. I love this swimwear and I’m really looking forward to buying more in different colors! Thank you again, Voda Swim!

- L.W.

I love my voda string bikini. It makes me look like a supermodel! Not only feel like one but look like one, really! I'm 34B but look like 34C/D when I'm wearing this. Can't wait to have another one!!!

- Marina

Once you go Voda.....u never go back. My sister gave me a Double string suit for my birthday last year...it was the best gift I ever got. I will never buy another brand of swim wear ever!!!

- Michele

This is my second time ordering voda swim wear. I remembered when my 1st time ordering the swim wear I was very nervous but when I tried it on it fit perfectly!!! I am so happy with it I will be ordering another one today :)

- Cari

I ordered the string bikini in pearl and I absolutely love it! I am a 32B and the suit gives me the best cleavage ever! I love how it's gives me actual, natural looking cleavage whereas any other suit just has the bulky padding that doesn't look real. I actually just ordered another one, the lace string bikini with the polka dots! I am going to look good this summer ;) Thank you Yulia!

- Liana Lu Han

I purchased the string bikini top and bottom in Turquoise and the color was a vivid sea blue...I loved it! To give readers help with sizing: I'm 5'8 and 125 lbs and a 32b. I purchased a small, but next time, I will definitely order a size up to medium for both the top and the bottom. I was tired of the [Brand Name Removed] bikini tops...either they had no support or they had very obvious underwire embedded in their tops, so I decided to take the plunge with Voda Swim. I was very surprised with how the push up effect worked without any underwire and definitely made for a very flattering look! It looked like I had increased by one cup, but the most flattering part was the lift and support the suit provided - no gaps, whatsoever!

- Christina

I am a 34B, 5 feet 4 inches and 120 lbs. The small for both top and bottom fit wonderfully. I got 2 bikinis in pink and purple and they look just darling. The brazilian cut bottoms help create some curves on my bottom. Shipping didn't take very long to reach Canada. Thanks Voda! Cannot wait to purchase some more cute pieces!

- christine

I have small breasts. It is really embarrassing to go to the beach and lay with your friends who have perfect busts. When I found this site I was a little nervous about ordering a bikini that I couldn't try on.... but it fit great! and now I have no embarrassment with my friends! thanks Voda Swim I love your bikinis!!!!

- Lisa

When I got this in the mail I was expecting something with much more padding to be able to do so much. But it had little padding and made SUCH a difference, and that's what I love! Anyone can get the [brand name removed] bathing suit, and make it obvious that they are insecure about their small bust, but this bathing suit makes it discrete, and looks like any other bathing suit top, except this one actually make me look like I have a chest!

- Stacy

This bikini is the most amazing thing I have ever bought! I've always hated bikinis with underwire because they made the push up too obvious, or looked too much like a bra. Now, it doesn't look like I'm trying, but I look naturally bigger and I feel confident about my body! Thank you Voda! I will definitely be buying many more!!!

- Lisa

Absolutely the best bathing suits available. The fit is amazing! The cleavage they give me looks completely natural and the shape stays perfect use after use. I literally won't wear any other brand...I own at least 10 suits and will continue to buy more colors and styles.

- Debbie

These swimsuits are a godsend, especially for women like me who have a small bust. My only complaint is that I can't decide which one I want next- I want them all! I am a 34A and am 105 lbs and the size small fits great.

- Krystal

I received a Voda swimswuit as a gift and I absolutely love it! It is perfect for my small chest and small bum, unlike other swimsuits where both tend to leave more room than I can fill. Love it!

- Alicia

I just received my new Voda Swim bikini and I was extremely impressed. I only ordered one because this was the first time I bought a swim suit without trying it on so I was a little nervous. When I tried it on it fit perfectly!!! I am so happy with it I will be ordering another one today :)

- Wendy

I have literally been searching for years for the perfect bathing suit... finally found it! THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT! I am a customer for life.

- Mari

I've always been small on top (barely 34A) and so was never really able to pull off triangle top bikinis because they flattened me. Until now! I am so grateful to have discovered Voda Swim. These tops give me a great push up, all while looking natural. The size S for both top and bottom fit me great. I can't wait to wear my new swimsuits this summer!

- Krystal

I am in love with Voda Swim wear. I am a petite women and finding a bathing suit that compliments my small figure has been a challenge. The Voda bathing suit top gave me a very nice complimentary lift and the bottoms fit nice without showing too much and looking sexy. I love that the top steers away from the fake padded look. The extra lift Voda Swim provides looks natural. I truly have never had such an amazing bathing suit. I feel confident to rock any pool party, day spa or family event in my new fabulous bikini. I will definitly be making all my future bathing suit purchases with Voda Swim. In addition, Customer services was outstanding. They took the time to care about my specific needs and past bathing suit challenges. All pluses in my book for a great shopping experience.

- Marjorie

I love going to the beach but have always been very insecure about my size. Thanks to Voda, I now feel more confident and love the way I look!

- Sue

Well made suits. Look and feel awesome.

- Suzy

Being small-chested, swimsuit season has always been a bit awkward for me...that is, until I heard about Voda Swim. It's a nice confidence booster to have finally found a swimwear line that truly enhances the body I was born with.

- amefemme

I now own 4 Voda Swim bikinis - my favorite style is the hoop scoop and double string halter. I have over 20 bikinis so each time I go on vacation I have to pick and choose among my suits - and the Voda suits always get packed first. This is because they are fuss-free suits. You put one on and you don't have to worry about it the rest of the day. Just stays put and you don't have to keep adjusting the top or the bottom. I have lots of [Company brand name removed] suits and I only wear them when I know I will only be out sunbathing with no activity or swimming involved because I'm always fiddling with them and especially readjusting the pads which get all scrunched up (and if you get wiped out by a wave, forget it, the pads will be all over the place). I really love that the padding in the Voda Swim tops is incorporated so they are worry-free. Also these suits are modern and stylish - I have taken mine to the Greek Islands, the Amalfi Coast, and Jamaica and they always fit in and look hip without looking like you tried too hard. Just love them!

- LW

The string bikini is amazing! I always dread shopping for swimsuits because I am small chested, and it is depressing how unflattering most bikini tops are on me. I was kinda skeptical when I decided to order a Voda Swim bikini, simply because of my difficulties finding tops that fit in the past, but was sooooooo excited when I received the suit and the top lived up to its promises! It is fantastic! I am actually looking forward to swimsuit season this year! Thank you so much!

- K.H.

I am seventeen years old and have ALWAYS been self-conscious of my body in a bathing suit because Ive never been able to fill out the tops of any swimwear or even a cup A bra. My new Voda string bikini top fits PERFECTLY, it gave me cleavage (which I don't have in a bra) and it makes me feel so confident. I can't wait to show off my confidence on the beach :) thank you Voda! I really would love to order more before summer comes up.

- Taylor

This is one of the best bikinis I've ever bought - worth every penny. I am a petite 21 year old and it can be hard to find a bikini (tops in particular) that doesn't flatten me down or look like I'm trying to push up. I gives a sexy lift and shape while looking 100% all natural. I love that is works like a push up bra but look, feels, and acts like a regular bikini. I am getting ready to buy my 3rd within 2 months so I guess you can say I'm in love. Also I would like to add that I had a minor error with ordering and costomer service was very helpful, this company cares about its costomer and they provide a high quailty product.

- Rosie

WOW! I love my new black voda string bikini. It did wonders and gave me the bikini body I've always wanted!!!! I recommend it for all! Thanks voda!

- hannah

This is the best bathing suit I have ever owned. I no longer want any other brand!

- MC

I absolutly loved it! I found out about Voda Swim through Seventeen magazin and was happy! I ordered the top just in case, in an XS and am planning on buying the bottoms! My friends even said my boobs look good the first time I wore it! Thank you soooo much! I have been looking for the perfect swimsuit and I have finally found it!

- April

Wow! It's like a magic swimsuit.

- Hannah

The Envy Push Up bikini top is TRULY miraculous! I have had trouble bathing suit shopping due to my lack of boob-age but this bikini is amazing! Not only does the top give me serious lift and cleavage, but I love how the bottoms fit as well. I would recommend this bikini to ANYONE. It's worth every penny!

- Shirley

I just received my Envy Push Up bikini from Voda Swim. It is wonderful. After nursing three children, I have a very difficult time finding a swim suit that I don't feel self conscious in. I actually look like I have shapely breasts in this top. It's amazing. Thank you Voda Swim!

- Joyce

I received the Envy Push Up bikini, tried it on and I went from a suburban soccer mama to a hot pinup blonde. It's fantastic it fits sooo well! I will become one of your most faithful customers.

- Micaela

I was skeptical that a bikini with push-up padding could look natural. I'm self conscious about being small AND about wearing obvious padding, so the Envy Push Up swimsuits are a godsend. They somehow, miraculously, make it appear that you are larger than you are, in a very, very natural way. It's bizarre. They are very different than typical padded bikinis in the best possible way.

- Victoria

All I have to say is this Envy Push Up bikini is the most amazing bikini I have ever tried on. The top is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!! I look like I have giant boobs without padding. If you were here I would hug you, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Erin

I love my new Envy Push Up bikini. Boob job minus the surgery!

- Tina

I'm so so pleased with the Envy Push Up bikini top I got!! It's like magic!! But without looking unnatural! And I love how it looks without underwire and still does that push up job. I would like to make a purchase on a new set already! Thank you!!

- Vicky

I have always been self-conscious wearing a bikini because of my flat chest (size AA), and most them do not fit my chest and shift around. So I have given up wearing bikini that is until I found Voda's Envy Push Up bikini top!!! It is magic, and comfortable, well made, and you can't see or notice the push-up padding at all. They fit me perfectly (I am US8 with flat chest and size S is perfect on me) and I look great! The best thing is it looks very natural. Now for the first time I feel confident to wear a bikini! Thanks you Voda Swim!!!

- Irene, New Zealand

I have never tried any bikini that can satisfy me like Voda Swim's Envy Push Up. My friends say that my breasts are getting bigger but they don't know the secret comes from Voda Swim. This is amazing!!! And I will definitely buy my bikini again only from Voda Swim.

- Ratu

I absolutely love the Envy Push Up swimsuit I received from Voda Swim. It fits just like it says and looks just like the pictures. I have had a hard time finding a swimsuit that looks this good and I am going to be ordering another one. I definitely recommend this product.

- Nicole

What I really loved about the Envy Push Up bikini is that it not only looks good and natural from the front, but from the side your profile looks great and natural as well! All the lines and curves are smooth. Not giving away just how much of a push-up it really is!

- Christine

It's perfect! I am super impressed with the quality and craftsmanship in the Envy Push Up bathing suit. It is obvious that A LOT of thought went in to making a cute style with a killer fit. The bottoms have enough coverage in the back, but still look sexy. The molded padded push-up cups really do create cleavage - amazing'.I seriously feel that if I had been asked to design a swimwear suit, it would have been this one. I thought this was going to be yet another swimsuit season where I'd search and search and then find nothing and settle on something I only half liked. Yay for Voda!! Can't wait to get this one in other colors!

- Adriana

Let me tell you, Envy Push Up is AMAZING! It looks great and feels comfortable. I'm 5'1, 98lbs and a size 32A in a bra and size XS - S in tops. The size small is a great fit. I breast fed my son and I am now deflated. All my other bikinis and bras NEVER looked this amazing on. Every summer I'm in search for the perfect bikini that looks nice on and wouldn't make me look completely flat, but they ALL did. SEARCH NO MORE! I found the PERFECT one at Voda Swim. Now it looks bigger and I have cleavage, it is UNBELIEVABLE. I LOVE IT! Can't wait till vacation time or pool parties, so I can sport my new SEXY bikini. I am SOOOOO happy that I found your website and added it in my bookmark immediately. The ONLY problem is, what color will I get next. Thank you for a FABULOUS bikini.

- Betty

AMAZING. The Envy Push Up bikini top gives my breasts an extra cup size and support! I feel confident wearing it not only because it's flattering, but because of the support and fit. I don't feel conscious of my bikini bottom riding up (or in between) or the bikini top sliding around. I finally found a swimsuit that I'm comfortable wearing at the beach and still be active at the same time without adjusting or picking at it! FINALLY! Woohoo! Thank you thank you thank you! Cheers!

- Leslie

I just received my gorgeous new bikini!! I have never found a swimsuit that has made me feel so confident and gorgeous while I am wearing it as what the 'Envy Push Up' does. I have struggled and felt extremely insecure about the size of my 'upperhalf' for many many years... And now I don't have to!!!! The 'Envy Push Up' is really a miracle bikini and has instantly given me a huge boost of confidence! I can't wait to get out and strut my stuff on the beach and show off my sexy new bikini! Thank you so much, I'll definitely be back!

- Megan

I never thought after nursing three kids that I would find a bathing suit top to make me look like I had some "perkiness" back! I love the top and it doesn't gap at the top which is amazing!
Can't wait to order another one!

- Crystal

I saw the pictures on the website and thought: "Yeah right, no way the bathing suit is That good." But ladies, it is!! Seriously, buy this bathing suit. If you are remotely self conscious about your body, this suit will take all of that away. I recently lost a ton of weight, and with the weight went my chest and I hated myself in a bathing suit. I thought this bathing suit seemed pricey, but it was well worth it. I'malready looking to buy another. Do yourself a favor girls, save up and buy this suit, and feel good about yourself! =)

- Jennifer

The suit did exactly what it said it would do. Filled me out on top and didn't look like I was wearing padding at all! Nice material too. Will definitely be ordering another one! Thanks Voda!

- Amanda

I just bought an Envy Push Up swimsuit and just wanted to say how satisfied I am! I've tried on every push-up swimsuit from other places and end up returning them. This one fit perfectly, boosted my cup size significantly, and looks just like a normal bikini (not like lingerie). Thank you also for the quick service, it came in the mail right away. I will definitely be buying all my swim suits from Voda from now on!

- Courtney

This is by far the best bikini I have EVER owned. I am very small on top and the Envy Push Up top really does add a cup or 2, without the gap like all the rest. Also I love the way it doesn't look fake at all!! NO lumpy padding. It fits better than my favorite bra. I thought I would have to add my own padding, until I tried it on. I fell in love!!! I am cheap and was kicking myself for spending more than I usually do on a swimsuit but, I am ordering more and believe it is worth more than what I paid!! Great suit and the colors are better on than the pics show. I will recommend this to my sisters and friends. I will never buy any other, ONLY Voda's Envy Push Up. PERFECT BIKINI. Thank you I will have a great summer without worrying about adjusting my top every time I move.

- Leca

Voda Swimwear is amazing! I just received my second order and I still can't get over how amazing the swimwear is. I have so many swim wear I just got rid of. I will not buy another swimwear anywhere else and will be ordering more in the next bit. I have never felt so comfortable in my own skin thanks to Voda!

- Jessica

I wanted you to know how pleased I am with my new Voda swimsuit. I got the tankini and I absolutely love it. I was small to begin with, but after nursing 2 children I was embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit. I feel confident and love my new look! Thanks for the confidence boost!

- Julie

This suit is amazing! I ordered one and was so happy, I immediately ordered 2 more. I will never be able to wear another brand swimsuit again!!

- Aly

I love Voda Swim's Envy Push Up swimsuit! I'm very petite and find it difficult to shop for swimsuits. I've tried different brands and styles at stores, but nothing fits like the Envy Push Up. I just bought my first swimsuit and now planning on ordering more. It's worth the money!

- M.A.

I just ordered my second swimsuit from Voda Swim. Yes! This is my second order and I'm already thinking about ordering another color! Their swimwear is truly amazing and it fits just right, you will feel more confident in your body!!!

- Nina

Voda Swim is the best swimwear company around. I was not blessed with a big bust, and had the worst time feeling self confident in bathing suits. I used to cover up all the time, as I was so embarrassed by my small size. Once I found Voda Swim, I was able to go to the beach and pool, and not be covered up! It gave me the confidence, made me feel sexy and I showed off my swimsuits with pride! On a recent family vacation to Maui, I practically lived in my swim suits. Not only was I not embarrassed, but the young girls were complementing me on my suit. I have referred several Friends to Voda Swim, and they all had the same results. They are not only comfortable, but well made. As a mom of two young kids, it was so refreshing getting complements in my SWIMSUIT! I want to thank Voda Swim for thinking of us small chested women. It is refreshing to have a company think of us, and have a product to make me feel not only younger, but sexier as well! I will only wear Voda Swim from now on!

- Jenny

I am a young 26 year old woman who has never been comfortable in a swim suit because of my size A chest. When I put this suit on I was blown away. I have been looking for the past 4 years for a suit that would not only give me some lift but look semi normal on me. I would never even try on a string bikini at a store because they never fit right and this fits perfect. For me spending $100 on a suit was a first but well worth every penny. I have already emailed all of my friends and family your website. Thank you!

- Nicole

I recently wore my Envy Push Up bikini to the beach, in fact that was the first time I have ever worn a bikini. I'm a young, outgoing, athletic 30yr old but have always have had a low self esteem in regards to my chest as I have always been flat chested but more so after the birth of my daughter. Being on that beach in that bikini was such a great feeling and all my self worries just did not even exist. I got endless compliments and I'm ready to order another one!!! Thank you so very much!

- From a Canadian Beach babe

They aren't kidding when they say it makes you look fabulous!! I am what you would call a swimsuit-aholic and I am sooo happy that I tried this one. I can truly say that no other swimsuit of mine even compares!!! I will be ordering more!!!! Thank you, Voda Swim!!!

- Angela

I just got back from vacationing in Negril, Jamaica where I wore my new Voda swimsuit and I was extremely pleased with how it looked and how it stayed in place. We were jumping off the rocks into the water and I never had to adjust my swimsuit top or bottom or fiddle with the pads because they are actually part of the suit! Such a genius idea! It just stayed put and looked great! Extremely flattering. I know most comments come from how great the push up top is, but the bottoms are equally flattering, even better than my [*brand name removed] bottoms. And the material isn't so delicate that you have to worry about sitting down on something and snagging it. Also, the suit, even with the padding in the top, dried the fastest out of all the swimsuits I brought, which is a big plus when you are travelling. Look forward to buying more! Thanks so much!

- Lisa

Hi - I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your bikinis! My sister sent me one for my birthday and I have bought 2 more since then! I've also converted a dozen friends to them! They look so natural and are amazingly well made! I will never buy another bathing suit again! I want one in every color! Thank you for making such amazing bikinis to help us look our best!!

- Annie

I have to tell you I really put the Envy Push Up bathing suit to the test last weekend! I wore it in a pool, in the sun and on a boat on the river. I even got a compliment about how cute it was. The Envy Push Up didn't soak up water like a sponge, it was great. I really like it.

- Leslie

Hello! I received my Voda padded black bikini and am very pleased! It definitely gives me cleavage and confidence! I am in my late 30's and nursed my daughter for 17 months; the breastfeeding left me 'deflated...' SO thank you very much for the 'boost on the beach!' I hope you continue to add more colors & styles to your line!

- Jennifer

I love the Envy Push Up swimsuit. I finally got to wear it this weekend and I love it; it's so cute, it fits great, and I finally have some cleavage to show off!

- Karli

This is by far the best bikini I have ever owned. I was nervous to order a brand that, to me, was unknown at the time, but it worked out perfectly. The customer service was excellent - I had fitting issues with the first piece and a replacement was overnighted to me just in time for my trip to Bermuda. The Envy Push Up bikini works exactly as described - Voila, cleavage! Also, very cute patterns. I got the blue lagoon bikini, and it photographs very well. Will definitely order from Voda again.

- Julie N.

Voda Swim's Envy Push Up swimsuit works like magic! Not only does it create amazing cleavage, but it provides just the right amount of lift! I have never felt more comfortable and confident as I do in the Envy Push Up top! Thanks!

- Libby

My friend got the Envy Push Up bikini and it looks like she instantly got a full cup size. And you can't even see that it's a pushup swimsuit at all.

- Natalie

I'm actually tanning and swimming and I'm wearing the Envy Push Up bathing suit and everyone is complimenting the suit!! So my sister tried the padded top on and it actually fit her well she's surprised she actually got cleavage. Yeah she loves it! She says the Envy Push Up padding is the perfect amount'she loves the swimsuit and thinks its a great idea!

- Grace

I wore my new Envy Push Up bikini all weekend ' I LOVE IT!! and it really works. The Envy Push Up bikini made my boobs look amazing! My boyfriend couldn't believe it! In fact we were talking about how amazing it was all day Saturday!

- Charlotte

I love your pushup bikini! I am never buying another brand again. I actually have cleavage now! I hope you have more colors and designs in the future.

- Ann

Thanks - the trip was excellent, and I absolutely LOVE the Envy Push Up bikini! The top works just as described; I've never seen anything like it.

- Julie

This is the most flattering pushup bikini that I've ever worn. It enhances your curves very naturally. I'm definitely buying more!

- Amanda

I ordered an Envy Push Up swimsuit from you back in the summer. I am still loving it (as does my boyfriend) and I have received so many compliments on my hot new body (which, credit has to go to the suit!!!). I am planning on ordering several for the summer, as the Envy Push Up bikini is the only one I will wear now!! I am hooked! Thanks again for all of your help! I love love love your suits and can't wait to get a few more!!

- Megan

My Envy Push Up bikini just arrived and I couldn't wait to put it to the test. Honestly, it's UNBELIEVABLE!! I'll never buy another (brand) push up - in fact they're all going in the trash today. This pushup top is worth every penny! Finally, I have the same look and cleavage in my swimsuit as I do in low cut tops and camis. I've always felt awkward as summer comes around. Frankly, I spent last summer in shorts & camis because I knew the "illusion" created by my push up bra would become quite obvious once I put my bikini on. But now I am SO ready for the summer and parties to arrive. I measure at 32 or 33 in the bust, have a 25 waist and 35 hip - so it's nice to have balance between my "boobs" and "bootie" for a change. Although I've never needed held in the bottom area & usually order a medium for extra coverage, I decided to be brave and try your small string bottom & am happy to say I'm loving the look of this bikini as a whole! Thanks again - I know I'll be a frequent customer!! I can't wait for summer to arrive and plan to purchase another Voda Swim bikini. THANK YOU!!

- Virginia

Love the Envy Push Up bikini. I've just tried a bunch of other "padded" bikinis and they all looked too lumpy and fake. Your Envy Push Up padding gives a much more flattering and natural looking fullness where it's needed most. I'm definitely planning on buying another bikini from you soon! Thanks so much. Also, great speedy service. I think I ordered online Monday night and rec'd by Thursday.

- Janet

I just tried on the Envy Push Up bikini and it looks very natural and yes! it gives me just that perfect natural lift! My customer service were very helpful! Thank you!

- Mary

I just received my Envy Push Up bikini and I absolutely love it. It is so amazing that eventually I will have all the colors! Not only is the swimwear amazing, the customer service they provide is outstanding! I recommend everyone to try it out, trust me it is worth every single penny. Thank you for creating such an amazing push up swimwear!

- Jessica

I absolutely love Voda Swim bikinis! The bikini looks great and natural unlike all the other push up bikinis. I'm hooked and I don't think I can ever go back to any other brand! There is nothing like it and I can't wait to wear it this summer!!!

- Anonymous

I wore my new bikini to the beach for the first time during spring break. I was so pleased! The top gave me just enough boost to balance my curvy bottom without looking fake, coming untied or moving out of place! I felt very comfortable in my bikini this year and didn't feel like inadequate compared to the larger breast girls. Thanks Voda

- Lori

I just wanted to share my thoughts on your product. I bought my first suit from you guys a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I am forever sold on your product and will only buy Voda swimsuits from now on. I also love the service you give to your customers. I needed to exchange sizes and it was fast and easy. I will be ordering again from you soon. And I love that you guys support different charities! Thanks a lot!

- Melissa

Thanks to Voda for exceptional customer service! I had ordered the wrong size and the right size was delivered before our vacation departure! I absolutely can't believe how well this bathing suit fits and how well it 'enhances'! I'm already ordering another one in a different color! Thanks!

- Lee

I am extremely impressed with how my Voda bikini looks on me! Being small chested, I have always felt extremely insecure in a bikini. I have been searching for that perfect top that would give me cleavage since the beginning of time and I have yet to find one until I decided to try out Voda. Voda gives the push-up without the bikini top looking like it is a push-up! No one will be able to tell! It's amazing..I actually look like I have boobs now! I don't need to feel insecure in a bikini anymore! I can't wait to wear it! I think I'm going to have to buy a few more! Thanks Voda!

- Tammy

I just wanted to say thank you for making a swim suit that makes me feel confident and sexy. I've been searching for something like this for a long time and never thought I could find a swim suit that gives me cleavage without looking like I'm wearing a bra. I will be a lifetime customer without a doubt. Thank you!

- Ania

I was very hesitant in buying a swimsuit from view because I was not sure if it actually did what it said. I suffer from low self esteem when it comes to the way I look so I never go swimming in bathing suits, I always wear a t-shirt and shorts. This year I promised myself that if I found a bathing suit that looked decent on me I would buy it and wear it for a change. I searched the stores and tried on tons of bathing suits but none looked good on me. I have short hair and small breasts for my age and everything just made me look like a boy. I ran across this website and after some thought I ordered one. I couldn't believe it!! I actually look good! I look like a girl lol. Thank you Voda Swim for giving me courage to finally go swimming in a bathing suit! = )

- Nancy

I am so glad that I found the Envy Push Up bikini. It is by far the best bathing suit I have ever bought and I loved the Sapphire Blue color. I was so happy with my bikini that as soon as I received it in the mail I went back online and bought another bathing suit in black!!! Everyone should try these suits! The quality is excellent, they fit great and they make a smaller chest look like you have cleavage without looking fake!

- Kalia

The Envy Push Up is amazing! Even the string bottom fit perfectly. I am going to buy one in every color!

- Nikki

Well I tell you that is the maximum, I feel very comfortable with one of the Voda Swim swimwear, now I can wear a body that always I was looking for... fabulous! Thanks so much Voda Swim!!!!!

- Hellen

I saw your company in Real Simple for flattering suits for women needing curves. I'm a bit self consicous of my top since having 2 children. I ordered a tankini and a bikini and I LOVE them. I haven't had a suit flatter this way in a long time. I love them so much I'm buying another tankini and another bikini. Thanks for making a great suit. I'll tell all my friends!

- Tricia

Just received my very first Voda Swim suit - it honestly is SO amazing!! I love how it pushes up and makes me look a whole cup size. Like the fact it doesn't look padded. This bathing suit honestly is one of the best I have - much nicer than the other brands I have and perfect padding. Two of my girlfriends are getting them too! Thank you!!

- Christina

I saw Voda Swim bikini featured in both Real Simple and Glamour magazines. I'm so glad I ordered it! This is truly the most natural-looking push-up bikini top I've ever found...I finally have some kind of cleavage in a swimsuit! I'm thrilled with your product and will be buying another suit in a different color very soon.

- Sarah

A huge rave for Voda swimsuits! If you're looking for a bikini with a little more lift (but not with the obvious push-up look) check out Voda. I swear it's the most flattering bikini I've ever owned and their customer service has been tremendous! Even their bottoms fit well. Order up, though, because their sizes run a little small... super fast shipping, as well.

- Stephanie

I was a bit skeptical about their swimwear, but life is about taking chances right?!...so I decided to place an order and as soon as my swimwear arrived, I opened it immediately and fell in love! You will be 100% satisfied with your swimsuit! They delivered what they said and the ordering process was very easy and fast!! I will definitely be ordering another swimsuit SOON! I love it!

- Nina

Dear Voda Swim team, just received my Voda Swim Envy Push Up String Bikini, and I really love the look and fit of it, it's absolutely gorgeous! I am usually a bra size 32/34B and an XXS/XS, but the size "S" fit perfectly, for top and bottom. It really has a great push-up effect, which is so invisible, you will definitely love it - and it holds everything in, so you don't have to be afraid to look "unnatural". I NEVER looked so nice in a bikini, it's fabulous. Especially with a smaller bra size, one definitely needs a Voda Swim style! Go for it, girls, for yourself, perhaps your boyfriends. By the way, I am from Germany, but ordering and delivery have not been any problem at all, and I got great and quick support from Voda Swim team regarding my questions. I really appreciate such great service, and, as I said before, will definitely buy again soon, with pleasure! Thank you Voda Swim!

- Melanie from Munich/Germany

This is the best by far bathing suit I have ever bought, I just may buy more! Just love it.
P.S. I already bought two of them.

- Debbie

I love your swimsuits! These bikinis give me a nice shape that looks very natural! I've tried many padded swimsuits before, but I always felt self-conscious knowing that everyone could tell it was padded. Not so with the Envy Push Up swimsuit. Thanks!

- Darcy

I love my Envy Push Up bikini! I rarely order clothes online and never thought I would order a swimsuit online because of concerns over fit. It has always been hard for me to find one that fits well and looks good because of my small chest (made worse after two pregnancies and nursing two children). It is horrible to try on suit after suit only to find none of them fit. Voda Swim has changed all that! I purchased the halter top in a small (I'm about a 32A). The padding isn't obvious, doesn't soak up water, and seems to balance out my figure. The bottoms fit perfectly and don't sag after being in the water (my hips are about 35', so I ordered a medium). I called customer service before ordering and the woman I spoke with was very helpful. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Thank you for making such a fabulous swimsuit!

- Jennifer

I absolutely LOVE my Voda swimsuit! It really works! I tried it on and showed my husband and he said it is the most flattering suit I have! When I was on vacation, I wore it on day three and my friend instantly knew this was the suit that "I was talking about." She said, "Oh...that's your special suit!" And it doesn't fill up with water after being in the pool or ocean! I recommend Voda Swim to anyone looking for a lil extra oomph! Thanks!

- Petria

I wanted to thank you all again for the AWESOME swimsuit. I received the Envy Push Up midnight black double string bikini from the facebook Possessionista giveaway and have nothing but rave reviews to give! I have not worn a different swimsuit since I received it. Can't wait to get myself another! Thank you so much!

- Alyssa

I had to drop you an Email to tell you how pleased I am with your product. First of all, I just ordered the Envy Push Up swimsuit yesterday and expected to wait 3 to 6 weeks thinking it was out of stock. It arrived TODAY! It fits perfectly and yes adds volume and lift. I REALLY love this swimsuit!!! I will definitely be back for another one in another color. Thank you so much!

- JeanMarie

I got my bikini from ya'll almost a month ago and I love it! I was hoping it would stand up to the functional test and it really does! Thank you for designing such cute swimwear that is also flattering.

- Kayley

My Voda swimsuit came in the mail last night, and I love it! Just in time for the holiday weekend, love the fit and how it makes me feel, thanks for a great product!

- Lisa

I am so happy with my Voda bathing suit. I finally feel comfortable in wearing one. The top really makes you look much better. I can't wait wear it this weekend and purchase another one!!

- Heather

I just received the Envy Push Up String Bikini....I absolutely LOVE it. It fits perfectly. After nursing 2 kids and not having much there to begin with, I am so happy how even I look in addition to not having to worry about the bikini top sagging when wet. I was shocked at how fast it was delivered (loved the free shipping) and loved that you got both top and bottom for a great price. Thanks Voda Swim...definitely ordering another one soon!!!!

- Ava

If you've been looking at these suits and reading the testimonials wondering if it's too good to be true, let me assure you - it's even better!! I just received mine today and I'm already buying another! There's no reason you won't be completely satisfied with your Voda Swim bikini, but they are nice enough to offer a full refund anyway. You'll never use it though.

- SG

I just have to say that the Envy Push Up is the best bikini I have ever owned! I never felt confident in a bikini top because they never had the right padding like a push up bra. I am so happy I found Voda Swim! I purchased two bikinis and am on my way to buying another one! Thank you again for boosting my confidence!

- Cathleen

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product! The Envy Push Up is the first bikini I've owned that has done such wonders for my body. Swimsuit shopping has never been THIS easy. Thanks again!

- Natalie

This is the best push-up bikini top that I have ever tried on! It really does accentuate the little that I have and makes them look a lot fuller as well. I highly recommend Voda Swim if you are looking for a push-up bikini top that really does what it is supposed to do while still looking natural as well. I definitely plan to repurchase in the future! Wish they also offered a line of everyday bras as well! :)

- Helen

I'm a very small chested woman and have been searching around for years for a good bikini that makes me look like I have some boobs. Voda Swim's Envy Push Up swimsuit really works! Try it and see for yourself!

- Olvia

I was very skeptical about products of this sort because I always thought they looked fake. After seeing a swimsuit featured on LX New York, I was amazed. I couldn't believe the difference in the before and after pictures. The next day, I ordered a swimsuit and couldn't wait for it to arrive (by the way, I love the free shipping too!). When it arrived, I immediately ran to try it on. I was shocked at the difference it made! It was one of the happiest days of my life. I absolutely love the swimsuit and plan on ordering more in the future. Thanks Voda Swim!!!!!

- Stephanie

Voda Swim is one of the best brands out there for a great gradually constructed push up bikini tops. The padding looks natural and stays in place even while swimming in the big waves. Voda Swim bikinis also have a nice choice of bottoms - Brazilian cut is very flattering on. I have the sapphire blue suit and color is just perfect especially on the tanned skin - it is my favorite suit.

- Victoria

I will never buy another brand of swimwear again! I bought the Royal Flower Envy Push Up bikini and wore it in Hawaii. The design and style of Voda swimwear made me feel confident, stylish and sexy. It's true that it gives you cleavage and doesn't sag when wet. I finally found the perfect bikini, thanks to Voda Swim.

- Confidential

I am so in love with Voda Swim swimsuits. It feels like I've ordered almost half of your swimsuits. I gave some away as gifts to my sisters and cousins, and now they are in love with Voda Swim. They did not believe until they tried them on. We all agree that they make us feel "sexy". All the colors and patterns are absolutely beautiful. I wore Voda Swim all throughout the summer and because I love your swimsuits so much, I even found excuses to wear them after summer. I would love to see more colors and patterns in the future!

- C.M.

I LOVE my Voda swimsuit!! It fits me perfectly and I feel so confident in it. I can't wait to wear it at the beach!!

- Katee

I just received my new Envy Push Up swimsuit and LOVE it! I was a little worried because when the top fits well for me the bottom doesn't and vice versa...but both are amazing! The top gives me a little extra cleavage without looking padded or like I'm trying too hard. I think it's appropriate for a wide range of ages since it's not too skimpy and not too dowdy. I ordered the string top and scoop bottom and am happy with my choices. My sister was skeptical but after seeing mine is ordering one for herself. I was a little skeptical at first too but am very happy I tried it!

- Mary

I have bought so many swimsuits in the past but I still can't find the one that gives me a natural shape without making me feel self conscious. So once I got my Envy Push Up bikini in the mail I couldn't wait to try it on and put it to the test! And let me tell you it was "AMAZING" and exactly what I have always been looking for...it gave me a very natural look! I was so happy with the purchase that I told all my girlfriends about the swimsuit and they can't wait to receive it in the mail. I can't wait to go to Hawaii and wear my new swimsuit! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH VODA SWIM! Looking forward on seeing the new 2011 collection!

- Lyn

I love my new Envy Push Up bikini ' It's incredibly flattering! I will definitely recommend to friends and will be buying additional colors.

- Anne

I absolutely LOVE my new Voda Swimsuit. It is the perfect bathing suit in SO many ways. I feel so comfortable playing beach sports and sexy at the same time. My husband on our one year anniversary getaway weekend could not stop saying how much he loved my new bathing suit!!! I love the feel, I love the color, I love my Voda :)

- Jelena

I was more than pleasantly surprised but ecstatic when receiving the Voda swimwear. From the high quality of the fabric, to the beautiful fit and style, they are by the far the best swimsuits I've purchased. The description 'padded' does not seem as fitting "enhancing as a better description? Even if your bustline is larger, I think the tops would provide great support and shaping. Does not appear fake but flattering and the bottoms are as well. The cost is very reasonable in comparison to other swimsuits purchased that have not stood the test of time. The customer service was exceptional as well, very responsive and accommodating with questions and an exchange even though it was my error. Thank you!

- Shanon

I just wanted to write in and say how much I love my new Voda Swim bikini! This is THE BEST BIKINI I've ever worn! Definitely the best improvement in the size of my bustline! I will definitely buy your other styles!

- Chereya

I was very hesitant to purchase a swimsuit online knowing how challenging it is to find the 'perfect fitting' suit. However, after reading a magazine article about finding a suit to flatter your body, I figured I would give it a shot. My customer experience was fantastic. The customer service reps at Voda were courteous, thoughtful and very helpful. The exchange/return process was very smooth and worth the extra effort to ensure the suit was the right one. I purchased a sapphire blue suit with rings, which the website didn't do justice... the color was even more attractive in person. The fit was incredible... in all my years searching for a swimsuit I have not found a swimsuit top that flatters smaller curves the same way. I was so pleased with my purchase that I am planning to purchase another one soon!

- Confidential

I just wanted to let you know I got the Voda swimsuit and finally got a chance to try it on. Verdict? LOVE! This is the most amazing swimming suit I have ever tried on. I am in shock. It does everything it claims and looks amazing. The top fits perfect, the bottoms fit perfect. Everything about it is perfection! My friends and I are thinking about going on a cruise this January and I am super excited to show off my swim suit ;) I have already been telling my friends about it and linking them to the site. I just wanted to thank you for being so amazing. I have never had such great customer service, from any company, EVER. I am so used to companies not caring about the customer and treating you like a dollar sign instead of a person. You have gone above and beyond and I just wanted to thank you. In other words YOU ROCK!

- Danielle

Received my Voda Swim bikini today. First of all, thank you for getting it to sunny Australia so quickly! Absolutely love it. I have searched high and low for a flattering bikini and have finally found it. The top gives me a lovely push up and the Brazilian bottoms are a perfect cut. I love the fabric. Extremely good quality. Even the lining was amazing. I got the Envy Push Up Aqua Splash color and it is so vibrant. The photos don't even do the color justice. Definite head turner!

- Anglea

I can't stop raving about my new Pink Passion Envy Push-Up string bikini! It looks amazing and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I also want to thank you for your quick customer service when I had to exchange sizes. Your company has wonderful service, and the bikini is wonderful and super-flattering. Thanks again, Voda!

- Allie

I recently purchased a Voda Swim string bikini from the website to wear on holiday to the Caribbean and will definitely be ordering more swimwear in the future! I have a rather large bust and it is often hard to find a swimsuit top that is both supportive and stylish. The Envy Push Up gave me the support I needed and maintained its structure perfectly in the water. The color is still brilliant after vacation and I was so happy with the way I looked in your swimwear! I'm passing the website on to all of my friends! Thanks again!

- Erin

Really love the Envy Push Up swim top! Cannot believe how well it naturally enhances breast size and is still very comfortable! Thank you!

- Ginny

What a great suit! Great material and construction. I am definitely buying a second one.

- Jennifer Gerber

I just bought my second Voda Swim bikini. I found the first one at a store in San Diego and I loved it so much, I searched for the brand on-line. I was so pleased to find that they're sold online directly on www.vodaswim.com. I love the bikinis - the material is beautiful and the fit is so flattering! I was also very happy with the service I received from Voda. I ordered online and my order was shipped the same day. When I got the email confirmation just hours after ordering, I was pleasantly surprised. My order arrived very quickly, but I decided I needed a different size. Voda let me return the bikini, no questions asked. I couldn't believe how easy the return was. And I really appreciated that I didn't have to pay return shipping! When I ordered a different size, it came quickly and fit perfectly. I had such a great experience, I will certainly order online again.

- Laura

Finally a swimwear company that truly gets it! The push up tops are brilliant. Brings me back to pre-baby days...instantly! The material actually holds you in. I tried on three different styles to select the best one, but actually found that all of Voda Swim's styles have a complimentary fit. Can't wait for it to get warm enough to wear or perhaps I can convince my husband to take me to the islands!

- Lisa

Hello Wonderful Bikini Company!! I have always been VERY self conscious of my small bust line. I own about 80 bikinis! Two huge dresser drawers full. We travel a great deal. Every one of them has some kind of padding! VODA is by far a superior swimsuit. Padding is natural, no lumping, no bumps, doesn't "sit" on top of your chest wall for an obvious padded look! I am about to go on my third cruise this year and for the first time will sport a FANTASTIC bikini complete with pretty cleavage. My 7 year boyfriend and I are both physically fit. I am 48 years old, he is 43. I always try to look my very best. He really LOVED this bikini!! Today I just ordered 2 more! I like to mix and match my tops and bottoms so now I own the VODA hot pink with gold rings, lily white string and blue/white print. I measure - 34/27/37, 5' 7.5" tall and now I look "balanced". I ordered a small top and a medium bottom. With my age - it gives me a little more coverage on the bottom, and the smaller top just adds to the visible cleavage.

- Lori

I have two Envy Push-Up swimsuits and I'm absolutely in love! Never have I felt so comfortable in a bikini!

- Jackie

Thank you Voda for creating such a perfect pushup swimwear product! My suit was admired by many during my 20 year high school reunion beach festivities! After all of the compliments, and feeling so confident while wearing it, I bought a second bikini! I could not believe myself in my reunion and vacation photos! This is the perfect suit for some extra coverage on the bottom and for some extra UMPH on top! I felt and looked entirely in proportion! I have now had 3 consistently excellent customer service experiences with Voda Swim and would do back flips to recommend your bikini!

- Erin

I just received my new swimsuits from VODA Swim and I couldn't be happier. The swim suits fit great and definitely make my bust look bigger. I have already recommended the website and suits to friends!!! Thank you VODA Swimwear. I will be buying all my swimming suits from you in the future.

- Jennifer

Oh my goodness, I just got mine in the mail and I only have 3 words to describe it... LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE:) It's like magic.

- Cassie

I have just received my new bikini from VodaSwim.com, and it is fantastic! I need one in every color! I can't wait to order another one; this will be the only bathing suit I wear from now on! Thanks for creating such a great product.

- Christie

I always felt insecure about wearing a bikini top because of my small chest. I've tried many different bikinis and this is by far the best top I've found! It's amazing and now I love going out to the pool or the beach! I've never felt more confident than I do now that I have the Voda Envy Push Up top! Thanks!!

- Rebecca

I recently received my first Envy Push-Up swimsuit and I couldn't be happier! At first I was skeptical because I was worried that the top would look unnatural, but once I put it on I was convinced. It provides the perfect amount of padding and makes me feel great. For the first time I actually like the way a swim suit makes me look. The bottoms are great too; I ordered the scoop, which provides good coverage. I ordered a size larger than recommended for my size and I am happy that I did. Overall, I am very happy with the product and plan on ordering another very soon. I would love to get a bandeau top with the same amount of push-up!

- K-Minnesota

I absolutely love my new swim-suit! I never thought a push up bikini would work so well and look so natural! I want to buy them all...or at least a few more!

- Faith

Just received my Voda Swimsuit and I can't say it disappoints! Wow! Just what I was looking for!

- Lisa

I'm going on vacation soon and I was dreading having to find a swimsuit. I searched the internet and came across Voda Swim. I have to tell you, I was very skeptical ordering a swimsuit online without being able to try it on. I must say, after reading other testimonials I decided to give it a try. My tankini arrived and it fit perfect! I couldn't have found one that fit me better if I had gone to a dozen stores and tried suits on. Thank you for designing a swimsuit that fits so well. I'm actually looking forward to going to the pool with my husband on this trip.

- Bonnie

I was hesitant about ordering a bikini from VodaSwim. I'm not the most blessed in the chest, so looking good in a bikini is always a worry. I wear push up bras all the time and then swimsuit season hits and I look flat chested in a bikini. So I found Voda and debated ordering. I decided to take the plunge since I could return it if I didn't like it. Now I see why they offer free return shipping, you will NOT want to return it. I look AWESOME in my Voda bikini. So awesome, I am going to order another one. I can not wait until my trip to Miami to show it off, and this summer is going to be great! Yay! For a great pushup bikini that does exactly what it says!!!

- ST

I just received my swimsuit and I love how it improves my bust. It's amazing how great you make me feel after 2 kids in the suit! You provided me with the extra "lift" and confidence I need. I just sent along your website to a friend who also had her 2nd child - your suits are too good of a secret to keep to myself. I look forward to new styles and patterns, because I think you're the only swimsuit I'll be wearing from now on.

- Ngoc

This lace string bikini top is amazing. I'm a size 32A barely and it definitely makes me look bigger than that. I love the color and also it has amazing coverage. It is also made very well! Overall very satisfied! Thank you Voda Swim!!

- Jamie Chicago

I LOVE my new Voda bikini top. I am a AA cup and absolutely have had the hardest time trying to find a padded bikini top that doesn't leave a big gap between the suit and the top of the breast. Somehow the Voda swimsuit top solves that problem and it is honestly the only top that I have that I can wear and feel confident in. Bravo to a bikini that finally fits us small-chested women!

- Keri

The Envy Push Up is amazing! Thank you!

- Dara

I just received the Envy PushUp suit from VodaSwim and I am very happy with it. The top fits very well and the padding is perfect- not too thick or unrealistic looking, but enough to give me shape. It fits me better than any suit I have ever owned and I definitely plan on ordering from VodaSwim.com in the future!

- Kristen

I just bought the Envy Push-Up tankini top. I have looked in stores and online for a padded tankini top and they are very hard to find. This one is perfect! It adds cleavage and looks extremely natural. I am very pleased with my purchase!

- Gayla

I am so in love with your swim tops! I've never had a swimsuit that fit so well and gives so much support without feeling like I'm wearing a floating device. I love how your tops look so simple, classic and natural. I am definitely a happy customer and will recommend vodaswim.com to everyone I know!

- Maria

My bathing suit arrived a few days ago and I was totally blown off by my own mirror reflection! I must admit that I wasn't expecting too much from Voda Swim when I initially ordered them was already prepared to take it as just another bathing suit to my collection of bikinis. However, I can now proudly acclaim that I have made the right choice this time! The results are truly amazing and gave me the instant boost of confidence which I have always lacked. On top of everything, the prompt delivery service was also a pleasant experience! I can't thank Voda Swim enough for embracing my femininity and will definitely be back for more...

- Beachbunny

I recently purchased a Midnight Envy Push Up Coral Stone bikini. I would normally never buy a bikini online but was very happy with the fit and look of the bikini when it was mailed to me. Was delivered quickly with no shipping fees and looks great on!!

- Mary

I love the Voda Swim bathing suit! I feel and look amazing in it! Just make sure that you get an X-Large top if you wear a DD cup. I wear a 34DD and got a large top but the cups are way too small. I'm going to exchange it for an X-Large top now and then get another bathing suit!

- Kristina

Thank you, thank you, thank you Voda Swim for creating this AMAZING bikini! All regular bikinis could not contain my boobs (size D cup), and since I don't have implants I needed regular support like any other natural woman. Your bikinis are the ONLY ones that have been able to make my breasts look perky and full and still have the string style that won't give me a messy tan line. I've already ordered two more for my upcoming vacation! Thanks again!

- Char

I wanted to write to tell you how great your swimsuit line is. I was very skeptical at first, since many swimsuits claim to add on bust size when they only added on padding. Many other bikini tops that I have tried had uncomfortable underwires that did nothing to increase the appearance of my bust, since I am only an A cup. With the other push up bikini tops, it was obvious that they were padded and did not give me the look that I wanted. With the Voda bikini, my bust looks more natural, rather than looking padded. Even my husband loved the bikini and agreed that this one was the best looking swimsuit that I have ever had. Thank you so much VodaSwim. I now feel comfortable and confident on the beach and poolside.

- Pammy

All I can say is THANK YOU!! I was so excited when my swim suit came in the mail and EVEN MORE EXCITED when I actually tried it on. I have cleavage! In the past, I was always insecure and skeptical about push-up and padded bikini tops, but now I cannot wait to hit the beach and debut this cute new bikini. I am so happy with my purchase.

- Savannah

I love my swimsuit...fits well and is very flattering...customer service was great too! My sister is getting a suit too! I'm going to order another color!

- JH

I recently purchased a Voda bikini & I love it! The fit is perfect & I look like I do when I have my "false advertising" bra on. It really does make you look at least a cup size bigger. I wore it with some friends to the beach and actually got asked if I had my breasts enlarged. My husband thinks it looks great on me too. I cannot wait to buy another one and try a different style."

- Jen

I recently purchased a string bikini at Voda Swim. The top is great and looks as advertised. I had some issues with the sizing of the bottom. However, Voda Swim has been extremely helpful and fast in sorting it all out and getting me the right item. Best customer service I have experienced in a while. This is the first time I actually enjoyed shopping for a swimsuit.

- Michelle

You're amazing! Thank you! Best experience I've had with online customer service. My swimsuit arrived today & I loove it! Expect to receive more orders from me in the near future.

- Virigina

I love your product! It's the first push-up bikini that actually gave me some natural looking cleavage. I can't wait to try it in the water and see how it holds up. Customer service has been great so far, and I also like that you can mix and match any of the pieces. So, please continue to add to your collection. Thank you Voda Swim!

- Carolynne

WOW! What a difference from every other swimsuit I've tried! I'm very petite and quite small on top, and this suit gave me CURVES!! I ordered the double string bikini. You can't tell it's a pushup! I'm not into the obviously-padded push-up look that other swim suits give. This bikini top looks like a regular bikini, gives me great natural-looking shape, and allows me to run around on the beach without worry. Exceeded my expectations.

- Colleen