How Aware are you of being Aware?

Hello Beautiful Souls! 
Are you ready to start creating real change? 
Thank you for joining me on this journey!
One of the most important steps towards personal growth and transformation is awareness. Awareness is two-fold:
#1 is Personal Awareness. Without it, we don't know how others perceive us or what traits or characteristics people respond well to and which ones are not working. By taking the time to observe our actions and listen to feedback we are able to create real change. By being aware of ourselves and our actions, we are making an intentional effort to improve ourselves. Awareness is the key! 
#2 is Awareness of where you are going in life? Where am I now and where would I like to be?
One of my favorite phrases that has given me clarity many times in my life is:
We all need a GPS system that guides us through each of our actions towards the bigger picture. Many people autopilot their way through their lives without paying attention and being truly aware.
So, I would like to do a challenge for everyone: I would like for you to spend a week really paying attention to your actions and your words and becoming Aware of what serves you and what doesn't. Plus become Aware of where you are now in life and where you would like to be. And maintain your Awareness so that every action and decision leads to the goal that you are going after. 
Feel free to journal your Awareness Week as this will really allow you to further reflect on your progress and growth. Write down the thoughts that you have, why do you have them, where are they coming from, is there a possible limiting belief holding you back? 
I would like to conclude with a beautiful quote by my friend and coach Anil Gupta: "We all have the potential to become magnificent oak trees. We are acorns that need to be in the right soil (the company we keep), the right temperatures (our mind), the right water (growth and contribution) and on the right path (awareness)."

With love,

Yulia Drummond ❤

Voda Swim

CEO and Designer