5 things being a brand new mother taught me about life 

Motherhood is one of the most difficult things that anyone can experience in their lifetime, especially if you are a new parent, but it's also one of the most rewarding things you can possibly go through. When I look at my first year of being a new parent, these are some of the things that I learned about life that I either didn't know or completely forgot about:
1. Live in the present moment
Living in the present moment has always been a wild concept for me to grasp. I would always remind myself to enjoy every moment but many times I would live in my head as many of us do these days. When I became a mom, I realized how fleeting every moment is and it became obvious to me that sometimes the only moment that matters is the moment you are experiencing right now. When I watch my son play, I see that he is always living in the present moment, because he is not worried about the future or reminiscing about the past, and it's very freeing. 
2. Be child-like myself
When my son was born and I was watching him grow, I would be amazed at all the goofy things he would do. I would watch him crawl under the benches, play with cars with full commitment and look with amazement at the leaves or flowers outside. It made me realize that I forgot how to be a child. I would always focus on the outcome, progress and achievement, but I would forget sometimes how to be a child. 6 months ago I made a commitment to do 1 child-like thing myself every day: whether it's hopping on the streets, or playing with autumn leaves in the grass, or rolling on the carpet with my child giggling in my arms. Those were some of the most memorable moments for me, because I enjoyed living in the moment and being silly and playful and child-like myself. 
3. Imitate children's joy and happiness 
When I watch my son Daylan play, I can see the joy and bliss emanating in his eyes. He is so loving, carefree and happy that it makes me truly happy watching him. I see his eyes glisten with happiness and it reminds me that all of us are beings of light and positive energy and that we need to be the beacons of light to others ourselves. We were born into this world to be happy and joyous, but we forgot it somehow along the way. 
4. Don't take life too seriously
Watching my son in everyday situations, I rediscovered for myself the joy of giggling, being playful and having fun. 
5. Forget fast and move on quickly
I am always amazed at how my son just starts crying for a specific reason, but then 5 seconds later forgets about it and moves on. I love watching him go from "I'm not happy because..." to "Ok, what's next?" It is another good reason to remind ourselves to not dwell on events or circumstances that are given to us and to ease up and be happy and joyous. 
With love and gratitude,
Yulia Drummond
CEO, Designer, Model, Creator