bikini care

Keep your bikini lasting longer


Since all the Voda Swim tops incorporate foam padding use extra caution when traveling not to dent the foam cups. If that happens lay flat the top for a couple of days and it should go to its original shape. Light steaming (without touching the garment with a steamer) will remove dents out of the cups.

When folding Voda Swim tops never fold cups inside to inside as it will damage and dent the cups. Try sliding one cup under the other one, making sure the pointy peaks are both facing up.

Never ever try to iron the swimwear or the tops with an iron. That will damage the garment.

Avoid sitting in your swimwear in the sand as fine sand particles can get inside the fabric fibers without a way to get it out.

Avoid sitting in your swimwear on top of sharp rocks as it will snag the fabric and damage it.

Pen marks can be removed with an application of rubbing alcohol and very gentle rubbing in the same direction as the grain of fabric.

Light oil stains can be removed with dusting baby powder on top of the stain and leaving a garment to sit with powder on top allowing the powder to absorb the stain. Gently dust off at the end.


Proper care for your Voda Swim bikinis can make a huge difference in the longevity of your investment. Below are the care tips we recommend for you to get the most out of your swimwear.

Always rinse your swimwear after use. Salt water or chlorine chemicals in the pool water are very harsh on the fibers affecting the longevity of swimwear.

Always hand wash in solution of mild detergent in cool water, rinse well. Squeeze by hand. Wash light and dark colors separately.

Hang dry out of direct sunlight.