Tummy Coverage

Push Up Swimsuits with Tummy Coverage

Stay carefree in Voda Swim’s incredibly flattering full coverage swimwear. Browse our selection of full coverage tankinis and push-up one-piece swimwear in a variety of on-trend patterns and prints designed to make you feel at your most confident. Whether you’ll be wearing your full coverage swimwear at the beach, pool, or lake, stay comfortable and cute with our modern twists on this tried and true classic fit.

    8500Plum & BlackBlack & WhiteL
    8500Plum & BlackBlack & WhiteXL
    8500Plum & BlackBlackXS
    8500Plum & BlackBlackS
    8500Plum & BlackBlackM
    8500Plum & BlackBlackL
    8500Plum & BlackBlackXL
    7500Plum & BlackCornflower & Hot PinkXS
    7500Plum & BlackCornflower & Hot PinkS
    7500Plum & BlackCornflower & Hot PinkM
    7500Plum & BlackCornflower & Hot PinkL
    8500Plum & BlackCornflower & Hot PinkXL
    8900Plum & BlackEmeraldXS
    8500Plum & BlackEmeraldS
    8500Plum & BlackEmeraldM
    8500Plum & BlackEmeraldXL
    8500Plum & BlackPlum & BlackXS
    Envy Push Up® Padded Side Coverage Halter Swimsuit Top $85
    High Waist Bottom with Front Panels $65

    Envy Push-Up® Technology

    What’s the secret to Voda Swim’s supportive, lifting styles? It’s all in our patented Envy Push-Up® Technology. Our swimwear is designed by smaller-busted ladies, for smaller-busted ladies– and we’re proud to say that our full coverage swimwear will help boost your bust size by one to two cups!

    Our patented Envy Push-Up® Technology features a built-in, molded foam push-up enhancer inside of every one of our full coverage tankini tops. It has dual support push-up padding on both the bottom and the sides of the cups– for unparalleled cleavage, lift and support. But the Voda Swim difference doesn’t just stop there. Our innovative technology has very low water absorbency, so your push-up one-piece swimwear will maintain its flattering fit even after a dip in the pool.

    Our full coverage swimwear is also appropriate for those with larger busts. We’re proud to say that every Voda Swim full-coverage tankini top is underwire-free, and designed with your comfort in mind. If you want a natural-looking, full-bust enhancement without the use of uncomfortable wires, our bestselling push-up swimwear styles are the perfect fit.

    About Voda Swim

    Voda swim was created in 2008 with a simple goal in mind– to create comfortable, flattering swimwear for every body type. Our innovative triangle tops, on-trend halter tops, and perfectly designed ruched tops are made for you to feel at your most confident– whether you’re wearing your new swimwear to the beach, pool, or lake.