Gift Yourself Some Bling

The most important kind of love in my opinion is self-love. Love for yourself is the most sacred kind of love and the most important relationship you can possibly have in your life. Many of us try to find love from other sources such as from our partners, gifts from others or compliments we receive. The best and most sacred kind of love is the love you give yourself.

Additionally, us as women, we love to receive those shiny metal objects that adorn our bodies. But why not give the gift of a shiny bling to yourself? Why wait for someone else to tell you how special you are? Why not Bling it up yourself?

The bling I’m talking about is the addition of shimmer and shine to your wardrobe. Myself, I don’t normally wear shimmery textures, but every time there is a big holiday or a celebration, I love wearing shimmery fabrics on my skin. The question is, why wait until a big celebration to shower yourself with beautiful shimmery outfits? Why not add bling to your wardrobe now? Not because it’s a holiday, not because you deserve it, not because you want someone’s attention, but because of who you are just the way you are.

Additionally, shimmer is a huge trend right now and will continue to be moving forward into 2023. Voda Swim collection has some very special swimsuit pieces that say “I love myself and I want to shower myself with shimmer just because of how much I love myself” and the below pieces are it. They share a very special place in my heart because I designed them myself and they say I am sexy, I am loved, I am perfect just the way I am.

This piece is jaw dropping and you can wear it  - beach to bar to nightclub. Pair it with your favorite pair of jean shorts and off you go sexy!


This piece is just a classic statement piece and every woman’s must have


And this piece screams sexy all around and accentuates all the right areas

With Love,

Yulia Drummond