Did you know how truly unique we are?

Hello Beautiful Souls,


Did you know that the probability of us being born just the way we are is 1 in 100 trillion? 


My name is Yulia Drummond and I'm the designer and creator of Voda Swim.  I wanted to thank you for your amazing support throughout all these years. For me it has truly been a journey of inspiration, growth, love and giving.


I wanted to start another journey with you about how together, we can all achieve the growth and transformation that will allow us to become the best version of ourselves. Every week I will be sharing some of the wisdom tidbits and insights I have learned on my journey to where I am today. 


Today, I wanted to share that we are all unique in this world and our uniqueness is a gift to us and to the entire world.  We are incalculably unique but throughout our lives we become copies of what somebody else wants us to be or we try to imitate somebody else that we know. 


Sometimes during our lives we lose who we are or our true identities. We all have very unique paths on this planet and are all beautiful souls that need to be shared with the world. As Mark Batterson mentioned in his book "Soul Print", our uniqueness isn't just a gift from the universe, it's the gift to the universe! How powerful is that?


We are special, we are unique, we are beautiful souls. We are beautiful gems and we need to share our light with the rest of the universe.  How are you sharing your light with the universe? Feel free to share with me your thoughts...


With love,

Yulia Drummond ❤

Voda Swim

CEO and Designer