What is your WHY?

Hello Beautiful Souls,

Have you ever felt compelled to do something and instead just sat on the idea and never did anything about it?
Yes, I have done that too and in fact last year. I had great growth plans for Voda Swim and even talked about them with my friends and my team, but I never got the idea off the ground. I'm sure you can relate to this with a similar story.
Only this last month, did I realize why that idea never turned into action. I had a great idea, but that idea wasn't emotionally charged with my WHY!  My WHY for what I was supposed to do needed to be a strong burning emotional desire in order for the idea to get enough momentum to get off the ground. I wanted to do it, but my WHY was so weak that I never did anything about it.
By me changing my WHY and getting it emotionally charged, I had the passion, desire, and energy to wake up every morning and get going on my mission. The most interesting part was that I never changed the project or what I was doing, but I re-evaluated and changed my reasons for WHY I was doing it. 
For Voda Swim, our goal has never been to sell swimsuits and grow sales. 
Voda Swim's WHY since the beginning has always been to "Help women feel sexy and confident at the beach".
Our WHY has always given me the fire to design beautiful collections for you, year after year, and the amazing testimonials I get of how much confidence you feel in Voda Swim at the beach really sparks joy in my heart. I read every single one of them by the way 😊
I want to thank you for the wonderful words I received throughout the years and for supporting me on this journey. And for those of you that have a wonderful idea  but haven't done anything about it... find your WHY, because you don't know what's waiting for you once you discover it and take action!
With love,

Yulia Drummond ❤

Voda Swim

CEO and Designer