Textured Envy Push-Up® Top Styles

Year after year, Voda Swim has been helping women feel their best at the beach with their designer padded molded cup Envy Push Up® Top swimwear, available in a beautiful range of colors. This collection incorporates textured leather shiny finish, delicate lace mesh and soft ribbed texture materials. Choose from a r. . . Read More >

7900Azure RibBlack RibXS
7900Azure RibBlack RibS
7900Azure RibBlack RibM
7900Azure RibBlack RibL
7900Azure RibWhite RibXS
7900Azure RibWhite RibS
7900Azure RibWhite RibM
7900Azure RibWhite RibL
7900Azure RibAzure RibXS
Envy Push Up® Rib Crop Swimsuit Top $79
Belted High Waist Swimsuit Bottom $59
Azure Rib