Textured Envy Push-Up® Top Styles

Year after year, Voda Swim has been helping women feel their best at the beach with their designer padded molded cup Envy Push Up® Top swimwear, available in a beautiful range of colors. This collection incorporates textured leather shiny finish, delicate lace mesh and soft ribbed texture materials. Choose from a r. . . Read More >

7900Bronze RibBlack RibXS
7900Bronze RibBlack RibS
7900Bronze RibBlack RibM
7900Bronze RibBlack RibL
7900Bronze RibWhite RibXS
7900Bronze RibWhite RibS
7900Bronze RibWhite RibM
7900Bronze RibWhite RibL
7900Bronze RibAzure RibXS
7900Bronze RibAzure RibS
7900Bronze RibAzure RibM
7900Bronze RibAzure RibL
7900Bronze RibBronze RibXS
Envy Push Up® Rib Crop Swimsuit Top $79
Belted High Waist Swimsuit Bottom $59
Bronze Rib